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Below is a continuously growing list of dirty professionals. They are either contributors of DMovies or cinema people with a twist to their work. If you want to join it, just e-mail us at and tell us how dirty you are.

Joshua Polanski

American film and culture writer with a keen interest in filmmaking technique [Read More...]

Joshua Bogatin

Film critic
New York writer and filmmaker, publishing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean [Read More...]

John McDonald

Liverpool-based writer and activist for going to the cinema on your own. [Read More...]

John Bleasdale

Film critic
Prolific writer and podcaster based in Italy [Read More...]

Justin Khoo

Professor of philosophy
Working at the intersection of philosophy and linguistics, this academic also has a passion for film [Read More...]

Jenny Fraser

Australian Indigenous artist working within a fluid screen-based practice
Filmmaker [Read More...]

Jack Hawkins

Film and history writer
London writer with a keen interest in New Hollywood auteurs [Read More...]

Jules Arita Koostachin

Canadian Cree Native filmmaker has extensive knowledge working with Indigenous communities [Read More...]

Jake Sanders

A young Brit in search of the perfect anti-hero [Read More...]

Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas

Our favourite dirty moviegoer
Film lovers, critics and professionals have a thing or two to learn from this gimlet-eyed cinemagoer with a critical mind and a very sharp pen [Read More...]

Jeremy Clarke

With more than three decades of writing experience, Jeremy will take you on a fascinating tour of cinema reclaiming the dirtiest treasures from all corners of the world [Read More...]

Jonathan Wakeham

Film Festival Co-Founder and Programmer
Providing the trampoline and the training to comedy artists in the film industry [Read More...]

Jayan Cherian

Fimmaker and Poet
Challenging body fascism and profound social conservatism in India [Read More...]

Jacopo Quadri

Editor and Director
Setting fire to the vast Italian sea of cinema [Read More...]

Jonathan Barnett

Film Festival Director
opening cinema doors to independent filmmakers [Read More...]