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Joshua Polanski


American film and culture writer with a keen interest in filmmaking technique

Joshua Polanski is a freelance film and culture writer who writes regularly for the Boston Hassle and In Review Online, while also contributing to the Bay Area Reporter, and Off Screen amongst a variety of other places. His interests include the technical elements of filmmaking and exhibition, slow and digital cinemas, cinematic sexuality, as well as Eastern and Northern European, East Asian, and Middle Eastern film. Joshua is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States and has a master’s degree from Boston University School of Theology that he occasionally makes use of while writing about film.

You can find out more about Josh by clicking here.

Other posts by Joshua Polanski
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Icelandic family have a bizarre, borderline pathological and incestuous, relationship with their own swimming pool - creepy drama premieres at the 53rd International Film Festival Rotterdam/also showing at Tiff Romania [Read More...]

Adilkhan Yerzhanov's quirky child organ theft drama is highly stylised, violent and visually arresting; it's almost a samurai film - from the 58th edition of Karlovy Vary [Read More...]

Challenged by thieves, police raids and child exploitation, Catholic nun forsakes her own religious and moral principles - Indonesian drama premieres at the 53rd International Film Festival Rotterdam [Read More...]

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