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About Dry Grasses (Kuru Otlar Üstüne)

Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Nataliia Serebriakova - 05-06-2024

Nuri Bilge Ceylan's latest cinematic marathon puts viewers right into the heart of Anatolian winter, facing a Chekhovian existential crisis - in cinemas Friday, July 26th [Read More...]
77th Locarno International Film Festival @ Locarno - Switzerland (various venues)
Aug 7 – Aug 17 all-day

We will be live at the event unearthing the dirtiest movies exclusively for you.

81st Venice International Film Festival @ Venice (various venues) - Italy
Aug 28 – Sep 7 all-day

We will be live at the event unearthing the dirtiest gems exclusively for you.

72nd San Sebastian International Film Festival @ San Sebastian (Spain) - various venues
Sep 20 – Sep 28 all-day

We will be live at the event unearthing the dirtiest gems exclusively for you.

I Saw the TV Glow

Jane Schoenbrun

Victor Fraga - 26-06-2024

Two best friends get sucked in by their favourite television show, and their minds are shaken up [Read More...]

Janet Planet

Annie Baker

Daniel Theophanous - 22-07-2024

Long summer at home tests mother-daughter relationship, in this impressive American drama focused on the unsaid, the insinuated and the minute details - in cinemas on Friday, July 19th [Read More...]

Ama Gloria

Maria Amachoukeli

Eoghan Lyng - 11-06-2024

Six-year-old Cléo isn't ready to give up her nanny Gloria, so they spend their last summer together on an island haunted by colonialism - on VoD on Monday, July 22nd [Read More...]

Love Lies Bleeding

Rose Glass

Daniel Theophanous - 19-02-2024

The British director of psychological horror St Maud crosses the pond in order to create an equally convincing (and violent) tale of queer love - on VoD on Monday, July 22nd [Read More...]

This Closeness

Kit Zauhar

André Vital Pardue - 15-07-2024

Awkward and bizarre Airbnb interactions offer commentary on forged intimacy, in this micro-budget, sharp American indie - available now on Mubi [Read More...]


Jason Yu

Paul Risker - 16-06-2024

Korean comedy horror begins well, but ultimately provokes an indifferent response despite an intriguing premise - in cinemas on Friday, July 12th [Read More...]

A long hard road of grit and glee


Lobo Pasolini - 10-07-2024

As Queen Priscilla turns 30, Lobo Pasolini looks back at the queer classic that combined comedy, splendour and tragedy, and changed the history of cinema [Read More...]

Infested (Vermine)

Sébastien Vaniček

Victor Fraga - 16-06-2024

Claustrophobic spider horror keeps viewers on the edge of their seat, as flesh-eating arachnids terrify a suburban council block in France - available for streaming on various platforms [Read More...]

What Remains

Ran Huang

Louis Roberts - 08-08-2023

Stellan Skarsgard and Andrea Riseborough star in psychological crime drama about serial killer in a Scandinavian psychiatric hospital - on VoD on Monday, July 15th [Read More...]

When Evil Lurks (Cuando Acecha la Maldad)

Demián Rugna

Victor Fraga - 15-06-2024

Argentinean horror offers a "rotten" twist on the well-worn zombie genre, in a movie as mangled and gruelling as the victims portrayed - on various VoD platforms in July [Read More...]

Those bloody vegans!!!

DMovies' reader pours her heart out as she talks about Meet Your Meat the film that changed her life forever, in emotional statement.

Women don’t cower in silence!

Thais reveals the very dirty movie that made her become the strong woman and the empowered professional that she is now!

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