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Daniel Theophanous

Film critic

British Cypriot freelance film critic and writer based in London.

Daniel has contributed to publications such as Little White Lies, BFI, Tape Collective, Hyperallergic, DMovies and many others. A lot of Daniel’s work is focused on LGBTQI+ cinema and hosts a podcast dedicated to the genre called the Longtime Companion Podcast.

Other posts by Daniel Theophanous
Janet Planet
Long summer at home tests mother-daughter relationship, in this impressive American drama focused on the unsaid, the insinuated and the minute details - in cinemas on Friday, July 19th [Read More...]

Handling the Undead (Håndtering av Udøde)
Norwegian director reinvents the zombie movie, replacing gore with tragic and decaying existences - from Sundance London [Read More...]

Irish-singing, insult-hurling, drug-taking and politically incendiary hip-hop band from Belfast earn an adrenaline-inducing piece of autofiction - from the 58th edition of Karlovy Vary [Read More...]

Baldiga – Unlocked Heart (Baldiga – Entsichertes Herz)
Queer photographer from Germany openly exposed his life in a bid to remove HIV stigma from generations to come - from the Panorama Dokumente section of the Berlinale [Read More...]

Sasquatch Sunset
Writer-director brother duo Nathan and Daniel Zellner conjure into existence American folklore creature, the sasquatch, most commonly known as Big Foot - unbelievably realistic film is in cinemas on Friday, June 14th [Read More...]

Love Lies Bleeding
The British director of psychological horror St Maud crosses the pond in order to create an equally convincing (and violent) tale of queer love - on VoD on Monday, July 22nd [Read More...]

In the Land of Brothers
Three members of an Afghan family start afresh as refugees in neighbouring Iran, only to find out that international fraternity is an elusive concept - from the 58th edition of Karlovy Vary [Read More...]

Drag queen revenge thriller portrays the consequences of extreme toxic masculinity, in this flawed yet endearingly dark British debut feature - on VoD on Monday, January 22nd [Read More...]

Slow (Tu Man Nieko Neprimeni)
Dirty gem from Lithuania reveals that asexuality does not preclude tenderness and intimacy - in cinemas on Friday, May 24th [Read More...]

I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me (No Voy a Pedirle a Nadia que me Crea)
Dark and stylised Spanish-Mexican thriller about a young man captured by the mafia paints Barcelona as a city you never saw before - from the Rebels with a Cause section of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

All of Us Strangers
Gentle queer romance descends into elaborate trip down memory lane, as British filmmaker Andrew Haigh blurs the lines between the physical, the imaginary and the supernatural - on VoD on Monday, April 8th [Read More...]

Apolonia, Apolonia
Danish documentarist portrays the iridescent life of French figurative painter Apolonia Sokol - from the 67th edition of the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Kokomo City
Fresh, frank and unapologetic documentary about four trans women was directed by a trans music-producer-turned-filmmaker struggling to make ends meet - on VoD on Monday, September 11th [Read More...]

Talk to Me
Australian supernatural horror about creepy hand that conjures spirits back into life recycles old genre devices to great results, and has the potential of establishing a film franchise - on VoD on Monday, September 18th [Read More...]

The Immensity (L’Immensita)
Prepubescent girl confronts a very conservative Rome of the 1970s in order to become a boy - trans drama starring Penelope Cruz and Luana Giuliani is on VoD on Monday, October 2nd [Read More...]

Touching Portuguese drama with a documentary-feel reflects upon the attachment to rural roots, and inescapability of ageing and death - live from Cannes [Read More...]

Beau is Afraid
The director of Hereditary and Midsommar returns with an equally repulsive and mesmerising horror, starring a terrifyingly unhinged Joaquin Phoenix - in cinemas on Friday, May 19th [Read More...]

Young Soul Rebels
More than three decades after its original release, Julien Isaac's dirty classic remains just as fresh and exciting in its portrayal of black queer Britain - in cinemas Friday, April 28th [Read More...]

Infinity Pool
A couple barricades themselves in a plush Eastern European resort, before being ambushed by a sex-crazed and maniacal nymph - Brandon Cronenberg's horrific new creation is in cinemas on Friday, March 24th [Read More...]

Blue Jean
Closeted Lesbian PE teacher wrestles with Section 28, in this realistic drama set in the year the homophobic legislation was introduced - impressive debut is on BFI Player on Saturday, March 25th; also available on other VoD platforms [Read More...]

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