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Below is a continuously growing list of dirty professionals. They are either contributors of DMovies or cinema people with a twist to their work. If you want to join it, just e-mail us at and tell us how dirty you are.

Fiona Whitelaw

Writer and actress
A voice for those whose stories are seldom told [Read More...]

Fedor Tot

Movie critic and magazine editor
Yugonostalgic writer and artist based in Cardiff dislikes nationalism and loves to hate Jean-Luc Godard [Read More...]

Francesco Bacci

Journalist and translator
An Italian writer dreaming away his life in cinema in the British capital [Read More...]

Filippo Polesel

Festival Programmer and Film Producer
Serving short films to Londoners straight from the tap [Read More...]

Franco Bocca Gelsi

Film Producer and Script Analyst
Lending a camera and a voice to emerging auteurs [Read More...]

Fernando Alves Pinto

Actor and Musician
Waking up to the sound of cinema [Read More...]

Fabien Martorell

Shooting with a camera, shooting with a weapon [Read More...]