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Below is a continuously growing list of dirty professionals. They are either contributors of DMovies or cinema people with a twist to their work. If you want to join it, just e-mail us at and tell us how dirty you are.

Amhara Chamberlayne

British-French writer interested in blockbusters that combine spectacle with an arthouse sensibility [Read More...]

Agnieszka Piotrowska

Polish born and London-based filmmaker, writer and academic specialised in psychoanalysis, applied philosophy and film
Professor of Film and Cultural Studies [Read More...]

Arun A. K.

Corporate Communications professional in Mumbai by the day tries to sneak in time at the workplace to write about movies. [Read More...]

Anton Bitel

Australian writer with a passion for horror, arthouse, the avant-garde and Asian cinema [Read More...]

Andrei Koscina

This man wants to deep dive into your complex psychology and explore your multilayered personality [Read More...]

Alasdair Bayman

Film Critic
Manchester writer with a penchant for Italian cinema and passion for the dirtiest Queen of cinema [Read More...]

Abou Farman

Producer and writer
Meet the producer of the arresting Icaros: A Vision [Read More...]

Alan McKenna

Writer and Actor
Walking down a dark road and taking people to the arms of Morpheus [Read More...]

Angelo Boccato

Journalist and Blogger
From the Caribbean to Europe, this blogger has a keen interest in human rights and geopolitics [Read More...]

Art Haxhijakupi

Artist and Writer
Rediscovering and reinventing Kosovo through academia, cinema and the arts [Read More...]

André Wallström

Film Producer
Placing LGBTI rights in Africa at the forefront of human rights [Read More...]

Álex Anwandter

Filmmaker and Musician
Beating intolerance out of the heart of Latin America [Read More...]

Andrew Knoll

Actor and Scriptwriter
Capturing the essence of moving pictures through choreography [Read More...]

Almiro Andrade

Actor and Writer
Life is more dramatic than a soap opera [Read More...]