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Angelo Boccato

Journalist and Blogger

From the Caribbean to Europe, this blogger has a keen interest in human rights and geopolitics

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Italy, Boccato moved to London a bit more than three years ago, following the end of his MsC studies and an Erasmus experience in Dublin.

Angelo Boccato is a freelance journalist and blogger, who moved to the UK in order to learn the journalism ‘craft’ in the country which he considers the cradle of modern journalism was born and a hub for media evolution. He contributes with media outlets such as Cafebabel, Equal Times, Contributoria, Future Challenges, Hackney Citizen, East End Citizen, the Independent (UK), Q Code Magazine, Left (Italy), and (Spain). He has a keen interest in human rights, EU affairs and geopolitics, social movements, comic books and, of course, cinema. He is also a communications officer for documentaries, having recently worked with the film Influx (Luca Vullo, 2016).

His taste in cinema is wide and diverse, ranging from the Italian Neorealism to the French Nouvelle Vague and the Neuer Deutscher Film and the Dogme 95 Manifesto, from Tarkovsky to Spike Lee, from Clint Eastwood to Wong Kar-Wai and Akira Kurosawa. He also loves the work of Martin Scorsese, Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, David Lynch and David Cronenberg, Terrence Malick and so many other director. He strongly disagrees with the view that “TV series are the new cinema”. He also hopes to direct a provocative and controversial documentary one day, and expect his exciting reviews on DMovies.

You can get in touch with Angelo Boccato via e-mail or Twitter @Ang_Bok.

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