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Álex Anwandter

Filmmaker and Musician

Beating intolerance out of the heart of Latin America

Álex Anwandter was born in 1983 in Santiago, Chile. He achieved popularity as the crooner of the band Teleradio Donoso, but in 2010 embarked on a solo career. More recently, he devoted his time to cinema: he directed You’ll Never Be Alone (2015) that premiered in Berlin in 2016 and is now touring the film festival circuit around the world. The film was a winner of a Teddy Special Jury Award, a distinction granted to the best works with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) themes that form part of the Berlinale.

You’ll Never Be Alone’s cast is lead by Sergio Hernández and Andrew Bargsted, and narrates the story of a single father who must face the consequences of a violent homophobic attack against on his son. Anwandter believes that machismo is everywhere in Chilean society, and that it dictates hierarchy, behaviour and even haircut and attire.

Although the script of You’ll Never Be Alone has autobiographical elements, it has also elements of the real story of Daniel Zamudio. Anwandter believes in film that supports a non-conventional perspective and that questions its subject and its context.

Within his films, Anwandter shares a very Latin American experience, that contains conservatism inherited by the Catholic Church, sexism and classism. This is one of the reasons DMovies has strong faith in his ability to denounce prejudice and intolerance in Latin America.

Anwandter can be reached at

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