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Below is a continuously growing list of dirty professionals. They are either contributors of DMovies or cinema people with a twist to their work. If you want to join it, just e-mail us at and tell us how dirty you are.

Louis Roberts

Film and literature lover with a particular interest in Bertolucci, Linklater, Lumet and Sciamma [Read More...]

Laney Gibbons

Film graduate and lonely movie-goer seeking new indie cinema [Read More...]

Liván García-Duquesne

Writer and filmmaker
French-Spanish journalist and filmmaker based in London, with an interest in trauma, Solanas and Deleuze [Read More...]

Lara C. Cory

Film and music writer
Fan of Jim Jarmusch, Peter Strickland and horror movies [Read More...]

Lorna May

Actress and cinephile
Pan-European dirty girl loves to pretend, and she devours films like a pack of Doritos [Read More...]

Linda Marric

Journalist and interviewer
Linda is a very passionate and opinionated writer with a taste for innovative and groundbreaking sci-fi [Read More...]

Lucas Pistilli

Film Journalist
Straight from the heart of the Amazon to Europe, this dirty writer has a penchant for the challenging and the reviled [Read More...]

Lina Samoili

Writer and Researcher
From the Balkans to London and Latin America: a passion for politics and aesthetic innovations [Read More...]

Lobo Pasolini

Journalist and Writer
Capturing the dirty essence of art on video, paper and the web [Read More...]