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Lara C. Cory

Film and music writer

Fan of Jim Jarmusch, Peter Strickland and horror movies

Contributing to The Wire, The Quietus, CRACK magazine, Line of Best Fit, Little White Lies, Caught by the River and Oh Comely, Lara is also the editor at and co-author of Animal Music: Sound and Song in the Natural World.

Specialising in film music, Lara’s always been a fan of films with great music. Lara mostly enjoys horrors and the films of Jim Jarmusch and she’s got a keen eye on the work of Panos Cosmatos, Ana Lily Amirpour, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, the Safdi brothers, and Peter Strickland.

Other posts by Lara C. Cory
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Ten female animators partner with 10 music composers in order to create a kinder, more sustainable and humane version of economics - from the Encounters Film Festival in Bristol [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Peter Strickland
Lara C. Cory interviews the director of In Fabric and finds out the secrets and peculiarities of his latest movie, a dirty gem of filmmaking shining with mystery and twisted sexualities [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Panos Cosmatos
As the instant classic Mandy premieres at the BFI London Film Festival and hits UK cinemas, Lara C. Cory met with the Greek-Canadian filmmaker and found out where the filthy story began! [Read More...]

Can hope and joy be a subversive act?
How is it that beauty and happiness could be a violation of the Russian Soul? Lara Cetinich Cory looks at the classic Dr Zhivago and its indelible leitmotif Lara's Theme and how they affronted the spiritual values of a nation [Read More...]

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