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Lorna May

Actress and cinephile

Pan-European dirty girl loves to pretend, and she devours films like a pack of Doritos

Lorna is a European citizen: this Italian born actress has lived in Switzerland, London, Paris. Occasionally, she has also inhabited the dreams of Woody Allen (or at least she likes to think so).

Born to act, Lorna May’s first performance was at kindergarten, when she pretended to fall into a fatal sleep. After several failed attempts to wake her up, Lorna was rushed to the hospital. She was under clinical observation for days. Until doctors and family understood it was all a dirty ruse.

Lorna found a venting outlet and new meaning to life in cinema. It all started with innocent late night films on TV, followed by afternoon trips to the cinema when she was supposed to be at school. The passion developed quickly. She thinks that cinema “is bigger than life”, and she’s always craving for more, just like a junkie!

You know that thing about crisps, how you can never eat just one? Lorna devours all sorts of flicks. From Buster Keaton and Fred Astaire to Italian Neorealism. From Nouvelle Vague to classic and modern Hollywood. She has a soft spot for dry, sarcastic and deeply cynical films with a touch of nostalgia, the ones that hold up a mirror, reveal our most embarrassing mistakes and make us laugh at them.

Lorna is also an occasional writer (particularly on Sundays) and a big jazz enthusiast!

You can get in touch with this enfant terrible via e-mail or by visiting her website here.

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