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Jacopo Quadri

Editor and Director

Setting fire to the vast Italian sea of cinema

Jacopo Quadri was born in Milan in 1964. He has signed as a film editor in a considerable number of productions, and he has established a constant collaboration with Italian documentarist Gianfranco Rosi. Two of those collaborations have received international awards: Fire at Sea (2016, the Golden Bear at Berlinale) and Sacro Gra (2013, Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival). He has also worked for Brazilian filmmaker Lais Bodansky in Brainstorm (2001), a deep-dive into the dysfunctional mental system in the country, based on the autobiographical book by Austregésilo Carrano Bueno.

He directed various short films and, together with Mario Martone, made the full-length documentary Un Posto al Mondo (2000). After the death of his father Franco Quadri he inherited his publishing house Ubulibri, specialised in books about theatre. From that heritage, Quadri embarked on a series of documentaries about theatre, of which La Scuola d’Estate is the first. The film was shown earlier this year at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and at Torino Film Festival.

For more than two decades, Quadri worked and helped to shape the independent collective Teatri Uniti. This initiative allows cast and crew to works harmoniously and experiment with new ideas in a safe and confined environment, and it has become a reference filmmakers in South Italy. Production costs are kept to a minimum because the professionals have a good knowledge of the territory where they are working.

Jacopo Quadri also worked with the Bernardo Bertolucci in the films The Dreamers (2003) and Me and You (2012).

He can be reached at

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