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Tiago Di Mauro

Filmmaker and Curator

Foregrounding the cinema apparatus through event curating

Based in London, Di Mauro is an experienced Director and Producer with extended training in Film Curating. He has worked in short films, documentaries, TV, adverts, web shows and music videos.

In 2020 he finished writing his first feature film London Eye, commissioned by Ancine. He was the London producer for television doc episode Arte e Luta (Espírito da Luta Series) directed by Gringo Cardia. His short Wings (2019) was awarded best photography at Internacional Short Film Festival Kalaburagi in India, and selected for Festivals in Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and many other countries. He has directed and produced music videos for Brazilian artists such as Josyara, Nina Miranda, Dois em Um and Tulipa Ruiz. In 2013 he produced the film ESC4ESCAPE (Directed by Alexandre Guena), where four sociopaths make their ways out of chaotic Salvador (in Brazil) through discussion of poetic terrorism, chaos theory, conspiracy and anarchy.

In 2011, he created Cinema Battle, a concept debuted on stage in London for Fringe! Queer Films and Art Fest, and then exported to Brazil. Each Cinema Battle consists of one cinema stream (feature film, short film, video clip, any genres, etc) and three guests curators. Each curator picks an extract from a film of his choice with a length between 2-3 minutes for each of the eight topics, and the audiences then selects their favourite in a session lasting approximately 90 minutes.

In 2021, he entered a new venture as A&R for a digital music label, Koro Koro Music.

He is mad about comics, and he is particularly fond of making independent narrative films and music videos. As a curator, he loves low-budget movies and backstage stories. He has profound admiration for his fellow film professionals, an he he gives preference to films that foreground the cinema apparatus for his events.

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Other posts by Tiago Di Mauro
The Man who Surprised Everyone (Tchelovek Kotorij Udivil Vseh)
An LGBT movie from Russia, but isn't that illegal? Transgressive Russian parable is a made into a film so full of shocks, twists and surprises that it will keep your head spinning - on Barbican Cinema on Demand/New East Cinema this December only [Read More...]

What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire?
Being an Afro-American in the Deep South is not a walk in the park! Doc by Italian helmer captures the challenges and the indignation of those marginalised and even hunted down because of the colour of their skin - in cinemas Friday, October 18th [Read More...]

Strange fruit hanging from the Romanian tree! Poetess Petra Szocs transposes her words onto moving images in debut about albino teen in all-female orphanage - live from Venice (and you can watch it at home, too!) [Read More...]

A 12-Year Night (La Noche de 12 Años)
Political drama about large prison stint of former Uruguayan president Pepe Mujica and two other political prisoners astounds Venice [Read More...]

Humberto Mauro
Documentary about the "father of Brazilian cinema", who was born at the same time as Dziga Vertov and film itself, rescues and celebrates Brazilian history - live from the 75th Venice International Film Festival [Read More...]

Charlie Says
The creepy "Mansons" are back. This time, from a very female perspective. Hardly something to celebrate! Drama film attempts to reevaluate the 1969 murder spree with the help from three women involved - from the 75th Venice Film Festival [Read More...]

Forget transphobia and the world outside; the biggest struggle for many trans people is inside their own body - outstanding teen drama is a delightful surprise out in cinemas Friday, March 15th, and also at BFI Flare; on VoD Sunday, March 31st [Read More...]

Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)
Biopic of Astrid Lindgreen, the creator of Pippi Longstocking, has blockbuster potential and yet retains its poetic and humanistic core - live from the Berlinale [Read More...]

Ex-Shaman (Ex Pajé)
The devil wears a cassock! Brazilian doc reveals that evangelisation of indigenous people is often worse than murder, as it kills their very soul - from Sheffield Doc/Fest [Read More...]

Dance me to the end of war: lyrical and surreal anti-war movie deals with the relationship between a grieving father and his son serving in the Israeli Army - film won the Silver Lion in Venice last month and it's now in the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Hunting Season (Temporada de Caza)
Like father like son, in South American way: female filmmaker penetrates the masculine world of two men related by blood and yet alien to their similarities, all against the backdrop of the cold and lovely Patagonia - live from Venice. [Read More...]

Angels Wear White (Jia Nian Hua)
"The weaker sex"? More like "the resilient sex"! Chinese film is a tribute to female strength in a country where being a woman means being at serious disadvantage - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Issei Sagawa killed and ate his classmate in order to fulfill his darkest fantasies in 1981; new doc by two European filmmakers explores our relation with repulsiveness and voyeurism using the cannibalistic incident as a gauge - from Venice [Read More...]

Pablo Giorgelli's second film about the tough choices that a young, unwed and loveless mother-to-be in Argentina has to make - live from Venice [Read More...]

First Reformed
A very intense and spiritual Paul Schrader pushes Ethan Hawke into his most powerful role to date, a reverend facing profound existential issues - out on VoD on Monday, November 5th [Read More...]

The Shape of Water
US meddling is an ugly monster waiting to be caged, argues Tiago di Mauro about Guillermo del Toro's latest flick - out in cinemas on February 14th [Read More...]

The Nobodies (Los Nadie)
The crowning of the anarcho-punks: extremely low-budget Colombian movie about a group of five disenfrashised young rebels in Medellín wows Venice and takes home key critics' prize - now showing at Raindance [Read More...]

Deliver Us (Libera Nos)
Demon-infested or moonstruck? Empathetic and non-intrusive doc gets under the skin of Italians 'possessed' by demons without passing judgment and breaking the dysfunctional characters - in cinemas [Read More...]

The Untamed (La Región Salvaje)
Get ready for fleshly fun! A very salacious alien has crash-landed in Mexico, and right now it is giving earthlings explosive pleasures - on BFI Player on Thursday, March 17th [Read More...]

White Sun (Seto Surya)
Is this the coming-of-age of Nepal? Colourful and yet taut fairy tale epitomises the woes of a nation, as people seek to reconcile their traditions with the country's first constitution - right now from Venice [Read More...]

The pinnacle of François Ozon's talent: the highly prolific French filmmaker travels back in time to the Weimar Republic in order to solve a death mystery, and excels in his elegant and elaborate style. [Read More...]

Broken parents, broken children? The challenge of bringing up children when you came from a dysfunctional background yourself - on VoD in April! [Read More...]

American Anarchist
A recipe for disaster: book on how to make booby traps and homemade explosives written in the 1960s has served as inspiration for murderers in the US and beyond since - electrifying doc is right now at the Venice Film Festival [Read More...]

The Light between Oceans
Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander face a very painful moral dilemma, in this unabashed tearjerker set in Western Australia after World War I - live right now from the Venice Film Festival [Read More...]

Incident Light (La Luz Incidente)
Is there light after tragedy strikes? This exquisite and poignant tale of loss and bereavement set in the 1960s is one of the highlights of the Argentine Film Festival taking place in London right now [Read More...]

The City of The Future
Brazilians can teach the world a thing or two about romance; this brand new drama about polyamorous love in the most unlikely of places will open your heart and your mind, in good and old-fashioned South American way [Read More...]

Lighting up the dull flame of hope: closely follow the steps of Czech heroin-addict Mallory as she lives through and finally overcomes 13 years of drug hell - in inspiring documentary offering hope to those who need it the most [Read More...]

Leaving Vogue Moran
My love for transsexual women: small town American Wayne Mahon comes out to his father, thereby recording his journey from recluse to proud lover - here's the register [Read More...]

Do the shortcomings of the old age care system in the US represent the collapse of neo-liberalism and the American dream? Our new writer Tiago Di Mauro reviews the featurette 'Care' [Read More...]

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