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Ronni Thomas


Unveiling the world of the eccentric: stuffed animals, the anomalous and the truly unique

Thomas began his career almost 14 years ago at Troma Films, producing their DVD and home video titles. After Troma, he produced Hey Is Dee Dee Home (2002) about the eponymous Ramones musician, shortly before he died. The film was a springboard into both the indie-film scene and the commercial production world.

In 2011 Thomas hooked up with an arts collective called The Brooklyn Observatory in order to create the award winning The Midnight Archive. This critically acclaimed web series documented the exotic, the strange and the eccentric. Often dark and always on the fringe, the series took a candid look at some fascinating people, places and artifacts. This includes a woman who mummifies pets and the largest collection of automata (early artistic and mechanical engineering piece, including dolls and masks) in the world. The series went 17 episodes strong and was featured on Time Online and the Discovery channel.

In 2014, with the opening of The Morbid Anatomy Museum, Thomas was granted and accepted a film residency and the Midnight Archive series transformed into Morbid Anatomy Presents. He released the short Walter Potter: the Man Who Married Kittens in the same year. The film explores the works of a Victorian taxidermist, and it restz somewhere between art, science and curiosity.

His latest project Von Cosel is a feature length doc/narrative hybrid, which tells the shocking true story of 1940s Key West Necrophile, Count Carl Con Cosel. The film uses puppetry and animation in order to bring the story to life, as well as expert interviews and historical facts.

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