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Daniel Sanchez Lopez


Jump cutting borders and boundaries

Daniel Sanchez Lopez’s career took off in 2009 as he won an award in Complutense Short Film Festival (in Madrid) with his first film Marie Douceur. Marie Douceur is an art student in Paris, 1968. Her life changes in May with the promises of a Revolution. The short is in black and white and it resembles the French Nouvelle Vague. The voiceover is in French, the camerawork is very creative. He recreates the aspiring revolutionaire mostly through jump cuts and faux raccords.

In 2010 his short film Because was selected for the International Film Festival of Valladolid. He had a productive career in commercials from 2012 to 2015 and is now studying at European Film College in Denmark. Sanchez holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetic of Film from Complutense Madrid University.

His curiosity about the Other makes his work inventive. He is constantly exploring boundaries and searching for collaborations with people with different backgrounds, social and cultural levels, in countries such as Spain, in the UK and in Denmark.

You can get in touch with Sanchez Lopez by emailing him at

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