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Paul Risker

Film Critic and Editor

An eccentric outsider and tea enthusiast toiling as an independent scholar, film critic and editor

While technically an English-based film critic and interviewer, Paul shows his political disgruntlement towards his homeland by identifying instead as a European writer.

You’ll often find him agreeing with the late great French filmmaker, François Truffaut, preferring the reflection of life to life itself – he’ll even tell you that the cinema is more important than life. Often mistaken for a cynic, he prefers to think of himself as a disappointed idealist. Unsurprisingly he likes skulking in the sanctuary of the dark confines of the cinema.

Described as “philosophically inclined”, he has a broad taste in cinema. His film writing has been published by academic and non-academic publications, including amongst others: PopMatters, Little White Lies, Cineaste, DMovies, VideoScope, Eye For Film, Film International, The Quarterly Review of Film and Video, and Filmmaker Magazine. He’s also on the advisory board of Mise-en-scène: The Journal of Film & Visual Narration (MSJ), the official film studies journal of Kwantlen Polytechnic University and serves as interview editor. He regularly contributes to the Arrow Films blog, the FrightFest festival programmes and online blog.

He can be reached at

Other posts by Paul Risker
Korean comedy horror about sleep-talking mixes art with life, and nightmare with reality, before lapsing into banality - premieres at the 32nd Raindance Film Festival. [Read More...]

Humanising the Western: our dirty questions to Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen, in an exclusive interview with DMovies talks about his sophomore feature, The Dead Don't Hurt, a very peculiar Western about an immigrant romance; he also discusses masculinity, sound, working with Vicky Krieps, and much more [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Marcus Vetter
Paul Risker interviews Marcus Vetter, co-director of War and Justice, a documentary about the International Criminal Court (ICC), from Nuremberg to theatres of war in Ukraine and Palestine; they discuss international accountability, the complexity of a global court, arrest warrants, "innocence", transformative filmmaking and much more [Read More...]

War and Justice
Timely and urgent doc explores the International Criminal Court, from Nuremberg to theatres of war in Ukraine and Palestine, revealing the unfortunate repercussions of EU incoherence and US meddling [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Letter C: Chinatown
A private investigator with a nose for trouble swaps tailing cheating spouses for a murder investigation - Roman Polanski's Neo-noir about a cruel rendezvous with destiny is the fourth entry of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Paul Risker interviews the woman behind A Home on Every Floor, a movie blending the spoken work and a miniature childhood home; they discuss the housing topic in cinema, economic inequality in Norway, subjective memories, transformative filmmaking, and a lot more [Read More...]

A Home on Every Floor
Norwegian-Eritrean poet's captivating spoken word performance merges with her miniature childhood home in order to expose the darkness beneath some nostalgic memories [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Letter B: The ‘Burbs
Mysterious new neighbours set paranoia loose in a peaceful cul-de-sac, as grown men let their inner child out to play - wacky American comedy is the third one of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

The War Between
American Civil War drama takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster; the cinematic journey is a little rough but not without signs of promise [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Hamoody Jaafar
Paul Risker interviews the director of a basketball documentary that transports viewers to the front seat of the stadium; they talk about serendipities, racial politics in segregated Michigan, cinema as a transformational experience, fatherhood, and much more! [Read More...]

Basketball documentary transports viewers to the front seat of a sports event, while also dissecting racial politics in segregated Michigan - from the Cleveland International Film Festival. [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Letter A: Anatomy of a Fall (Anatomie d’une chute)
A writer accused of murdering her husband finds her career, marriage and sexuality under scrutiny in a hostile courtroom duel - French drama "as infuriating as a Lynchian puzzle" is the second one of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

Wake Up
Rollicking fun American horror may lack a guttural punch, but isn’t dragged down by its breezier ambitions - from the Glasgow Film Festival [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Numeric Entry: 12 Angry Men
A single man challenges an all-male jury hellbent on sending a defendant to the electric chair, forcing them to scrutinise the evidence as well as their own hidden motivations - this is the first one of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Trần Anh Hùng
French-Vietnamese director reveals his love of hidden structures, the complex flavours of his dialogues, and how he created a film that plays out like music - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

The Civil Dead
Indie charm and comedy are not enough to elevate this grind of a buddy movie - in cinemas and on VOD, on Friday, January 19th. [Read More...]

The filmmaker, the writer and the queer
Romas Zabarauskas talks about the eclectic inspirations behind Lithuanian LGBT drama The Writer. not seeing cinema as creative expression, being careful about using metaphors, and much more - in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Hugh Welchman
The British half of the directorial duo behind Poland's Oscar submission The Peasants talks about the intrusion of real-life events on the making of the film, how we are all peasants, art as the collective wise, and much more [Read More...]

Everything Will Be Alright (Viss Būs Labi!)
Observational documentary from Latvia discovers its heart in a son’s empathy for his mother - from the Baltic Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Last Relic (Viimane Reliikvia)
Insightful and compelling documentary about Russia’s future interrogates the politics far beyond her borders - from the Baltic Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

I Trust You (En Vos Confio)
Argentinean director recounts the mysterious disappearance and the murder of a woman that shook his native Argentina, in a real-life crime drama that subverts audience's expectations - from the Rebels with a Cause section of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Quiet Maid (Calladita)
Playfully quiet critique of class and prejudicial power dynamics becomes an interpersonal war story, in this entertaining film from Spain - from the 32nd edition of Raindance [Read More...]

THE END (Artificial Fragments of Humankind)
This series of fragmented stories that resembles an indecipherable dream logic, risks abandoning experimentation for indulgence - live from the Rebels With a Cause Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Five and a Half Love Stories in an Apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania (Penkios su Puse Meilės Istorijos, Nutikusios Viename Vilniaus Bute
Five sad, tragic and humorous stories take place inside the vibrating walls and falling plaster of an AirbnB flat (with a Shakesperean twist) - from the Rebels With a Cause Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Writer (Kirjanik)
Former lovers reunite in an engaging, conversational film set inside an apartment, which deftly blends cinema and theatre devices - queer drama from Lithuania premieres at the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. [Read More...]

The Waves, The Sand, and Two Lovers in the Middle Of…
Two Korean girls spend their night on the beach, in this non-narrative, meditative and inquisitive experimentation with cinematic minimalism - from the Rebels With a Cause Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Book of Solutions (Le Livre des Solutions)
This greasy movie about a director whose life is a mess marks Michel Gondry's expressive and quirky return to feature filmmaking - from REC, Tarragona International Film Festival [Read More...]

Life’s a Bitch (Chiennes de Ville)
Absurd Belgian comedy builds its own mini universe full of twisted charm, reminding viewers that life’s a bitch (whether you’re walking on two legs or four) - from the Rebels With a Cause Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Dark Paradise (Tume Paradiis)
Beneath the provocation of sex, drink, drugs and violence lies a tender of self-loss - live from the Baltic Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Test
Batshit crazy characters make up for the imperfections in Ramūnas Cicėnas's black comedy - from the Baltic Competition of the 27th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Brittany Snow
American actor-turned-director Brittany Snow reveals the biggest hurdle she had to overcome in order to become a filmmaker, talks about eating disorders, seeing through the curtain of "perfection", and much more - in an exclusive interview (from Raindance) [Read More...]

Another Body
Vital documentary shares a personal account of being a victim of deepfake pornography - in cinemas on Friday, November 24th [Read More...]

Catching Dust
Two combustible marriages reach breaking point in the Texas desert – director Stuart Gatt’s feature debut premieres at the 31st Raindance Film Festival [Read More...]

An empathetic and thoughtful story about eating disorders, and the toxicity of the comparative and self-critical gaze - Britanny Snow's directorial debut premieres at the 31st edition of Raindance [Read More...]

The Red Suitcase
A two-day journey reveals the oppressive nightmare haunting Nepal, in this slow-burn drama blending elements of horror, politics and philosophy – from the 80th Venice Film Festival. [Read More...]

Dormitory (Yurt)
Amidst mounting tensions between religious and secular Turks, a teenager finds himself trapped between two worlds - from the 80th Venice Film Festival [Read More...]

Lovable (Milulis)
A man’s conscience is stirred by a nine-year-old orphan in a technically bold and captivating Latvian drama (despite the absence of a sympathetic lead) - from the Baltic Competition of the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Biopic of celebrated Columbian singer and songwriter Joe Arroyo uses fiction in order to get close to the captivating truth behind the man - from the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Coffee Table (La mesita del comedor)
A couple disagree about purchasing a table in this wickedly funny and f***ed up dirty gem of a black comedy from Spain - at the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. [Read More...]

Plastic Symphony (Plastiksümfoonia)
A cellist plays Beethoven beneath a plastic sheet on the streets of Vienna, in a cinematic marvel of simplicity with an emotional punch - from the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. [Read More...]

Lucky Girl
A shock diagnosis for a cruel media celebrity seduces the cold and distant audience to feel empathy, in an emotionally impactful survivalist nightmare - German Ukrainian film is in the Official Competition of the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. [Read More...]

Reality and fiction merge in a captivating experimental work about humanity’s fast expiring choice to preserve a future – German docufiction premieres from the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. [Read More...]

The last nation to abolish slavery in the Western world is still grappling with racial equality, political, social and cultural representation - at the BFI Southbank on Saturday, May 7th [Read More...]

Madame Satã
Twenty years after its release, Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz’s first feature film speaks to present day hostilities towards race and sexuality - joint BFI Flare, DMovies and African Odysseys screening on Sunday, March 20th [Read More...]

Gazing into the abyss of dirty masculinity
Actress-turned-director Romola Garai discusses challenging toxic masculinity in a tantalising tonal mix of fantastical and social realism horror; her directorial debut Amulet is in cinemas on January 28th [Read More...]

A Bruddah’s Mind (Cabeça de Nêgo)
Black Brazilian teen draws inspiration from the Black Panthers in order to wage a battle against his racist and reactionary high school - UK premiere at the BFI on Saturday, January 22nd [Read More...]

Sami, Joe and I (Sami Joe und Ich)
Three school leavers find their dreams and friendship challenged by adulthood in Karin Heberlein’s engaging coming-of-age drama - watch it online for free in December only with ArteKino [Read More...]

Wood and Water
A mother searches for her absent son in the shadow of the Hong Kong protests, inviting the audience to enter a hypnotic space - watch it for free during the entire month of December only with ArteKino [Read More...]

Schoolgirl and older man build a friendship as they experience an existential crisis - watch British coastal drama online for free during the entire month of December only with ArteKino [Read More...]

Quake (Rappumine)
Engaging Icelandic mystery-drama about a fearful yet resilient woman strikes beats of positivity and inspiration - from the Current Waves section of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Killing the Eunuch Khan
The seductive aesthetic of a nightmarish vision fails to engage with ideas and themes - rudderless Iranian film plays in the Official Competition section of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

The Wedding Day (Wesele)
Humorous beats of debauchery at a wedding offsets the visceral memories of ethnic cleansing in Poland - plays in the Official Competition section of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, running from 12-28th November. [Read More...]

Herd Immunity
Drinking from the same well as French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, Kazakh director creates an invigorating gangster picture - from the Official Competition section of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

How do you live with ghosts?
The haunted family home and a six-hour Moroccan train trip are milestones to British indie horror FATHER OF FLIES - read our exclusive interview with Ben Charles Edwards [Read More...]

An ex-soldier takes up a job as a carer for a woman and her dying mother, only to encounter an insidious presence in the house - British horror by actress-turned-director Romala Garai is on VoD on Monday, February 28th [Read More...]

Last Survivors
Father and son living off-the-grid are confronted by a beautiful stranger, in dystopian thriller featuring Alicia Silverstone  – from the Arrow Video FrightFest [Read More...]

Best Sellers
Michael Caine is a cranky writer on a tour from hell, in Canadian drama effusing a delightful charm and reminding us to never judge a book by its cover – opening the Raindance Film Festival 2021. [Read More...]

The Noise of Engines (Le bruit des moteurs)
Sexually explicit drawings land a fire arms inspector in trouble, in Canadian drama blending optimism and cynicism in equal measures - from Raindance [Read More...]

Bad Candy
A DJ and his sidekick share scary stories with their listeners, and there are some treats amongst the tricks – from FrightFest, and on Digital and DVD 4th October. [Read More...]

Neill Blomkamp’s uninspiring return about a young woman unleashing demons is devilishly forgettable - from FrightFest; in UK cinemas and on Premium Digital 27th, on Blu-Ray and DVD 25th October. [Read More...]

The real story behind the stripper journey-turned-saga thanks to a series of tweets gone viral becomes a movie equally disturbing and entertaining - on Sky Cinema and Now on Wednesday, July 3rd; also available on other platforms [Read More...]

Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love & War
One man’s archive of 400 films is a remarkable experience of the 20th Century, and also a vision of love, friendship and loss - out on Monday, June 28th [Read More...]

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To
Impressive debut horror feature uses the vampire as a metaphor for "cannibalistic" capitalism -  from the Tribeca Film Festival.  [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Christopher MacBride
The Canadian director talks about his second feature FLASHBACK, escaping “development hell” in Hollywood, and how we’re forced to perceive the world a certain way – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Turn off the sound but DO NOT cover your eyes!
Irish helmer Damian Mc Carthy talks about his horror feature CAVEAT, making "three films" at once, and shares a very peculiar tip on how to deal with scary scenes – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

A young man has horrific visions of a girl who disappeared in high school, forcing him to take a macabre trip down memory lane - hyper-energetic psychological thriller from Canada is on IMDB TV on Monday, January 3rd. [Read More...]

Claustrophobic Irish horror about hapless man tempted by the lure of easy money gets under the skin of viewers, while also echoing the rabbit hole trope - on VoD on Thursday, June 3rd [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Agnieszka Holland
The iconic Polish filmmaker talks about her latest feature CHARLATAN, and reveals her enduring passion for blending pleasure with pain - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Kids and grown-ups love it so!!!
Director of adult fantasy PSYCHO GOREMAN Steven Kostanski talks about the need to change the hype-culture around movies and keeping our inner child alive – in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Psycho Goreman
Humour hooks us in a subversive and non-sanitised slice of nostalgia, as the fate of the universe is decided in small-town America - out on Thursday, May 20th [Read More...]

Different blokes different strokes!
Irish filmmaker Eoin Macken talks about adapting Rob Doyle’s novel HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN, the challenges transposing literary lexicon and structure onto the silver screen, toxic masculinity and much more - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

Here are the Young Men
In the hedonistic last breath before the tragedy of adulthood strikes, Irish teens challenge the moral authority of religion - out now on VoD [Read More...]

Real-life horror begets film horror
Indie British filmmaker Corinna Faith explains why her debut feature, the horror flick THE POWER, is a response to stories of institutional abuse - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

The Power
The night shift in a near empty and crumbling hospital in 1970s' Britain is not cheapened by juvenile jump scares in this atmospherically captivating indie horror – streaming exclusively on Shudder. [Read More...]

What if the director is a murderer?
Indie American filmmaker Gillian Wallace Horvat talks about her feature debut: I BLAME SOCIETY, a dirty horror story in which she plays herself committing murder, and questions the ideology of filmmaking - in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

A jazz musician and his lover find their love affair hitting the rocks on the Cornish coast, in a captivating British drama with withs in the French New Wave and Italian Neorealism - available to stream and download [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to the Canadian helmers
Independent Canadian filmmakers Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli talk about their debut feature Violation, drawing from their own experience of abuse and why they take no pride in being filmmakers, in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

The Mauritanian
True life account of a detainee in Guantánamo Bay exhibits a country struggling to find its soul - streaming now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

Telling a different story, French style!
As part of our Peter Greenaway series, Paul Risker discusses the director's refusal of narrative devices, and his affinity to French filmmakers [Read More...]

Enough council estate and period dramas!
British-based filmmaker Ed Morris leaves behind advertising and music videos in order to find a bigger canvas; he talks about his debut feature How to Stop a Recurring and how Brits are "hung up" on certain topics, in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Dreams on Fire
We hold our breath fearing the fragile dream of the young dancer in this impassioned love letter to the aspirational journey, set in Tokyo’s urban dance scene – from the Fantasia Film Festival [Read More...]

How to Stop a Recurring Dream
Older sis runs off with younger sis on a very peculiar mission, in this British blend of road movie and kidnap thriller - available now on Digital [Read More...]

Imperfection is spectacular!
New York City based filmmaker Karen Cinorre who dreams of "world building", talks about her debut feature Mayday, in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

School’s Out Forever
This dystopian British drama has a satisfying amount of violence and carnage, mixed with laughter and emotion, yet ends disappointingly - also available on Skye Cinema and NOW on Thursday, June 24th [Read More...]

Sadness and our inner daydreamer are the central pillars of this American drama with hints of the Wizard of Oz - from Raindance [Read More...]

The Queen of Black Magic
Indonesian horror haunted by mistakes of rhythm and tone becomes all bark and no bite - exclusively on Shudder now. [Read More...]

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
The closing night of a Las Vegas dive bar offers a glimpse into the American soul, in this captivating blend of documentary and fiction - now on all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

Il Mio Corpo
Sicilian docudrama about two young men on the margins of society encourages empathy over recrimination of immigrants - in cinemas and exclusively on Curzon Home Cinema on Friday, December 11th. [Read More...]

Cocoon (Kokon)
German drama captures the raw emotions and the ignorance of youth to their impending existential crisis - in cinemas and on VoD platforms on Friday, December 11th [Read More...]

Motherland (Gimtine)
Lithuanian woman returns home to find out that spiritual ethnicity cannot be reunited with the physical space - watch it this December only with ArteKino [Read More...]

The Dawn (Zora)
This Croatian dystopia set in a small village will haunt audiences long after its last image – from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Love Song 1980
A man and a woman fall in love and become inseparable, in a Chinese movie that feels just too literary for its cinematic broad-brush - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

A touching Slovenian drama set in a nursing home explores the fragility of memory and the fleeting nature of love – from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival [Read More...]

Two British women and the intimacy of trauma
Writer-director Catherine Linstrum and actress Emilia Jones speak about the psychological drama NUCLEAR, in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Psychological-drama sees a teen and her mother stranded on the outskirts of a remote village in Northern England, in a meticulous and thoughtful representation of trauma – out now on VoD. [Read More...]

Woman of the Photographs
Twisted blend of horror, comedy and romance strikes the nerve of our dependency on social media - Japanese film premiered at FrightFest [Read More...]

Let’s Scare Julie
This single-shot American horror, with its nod to our love of scary stories and pranks, is the perfect late night treat - from FrightFest [Read More...]

A watchable American horror still in search of itself, leaves it to up to us to decide whether we see a woman empowered or a victim of objectification - from Arrow Video FrightFest Digital Edition 2 [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jennifer Sheridan
The South London director recognised for her editing work in the television series The League of Gentleman talks about her debut feature: ROSE: A LOVE STORY, in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

On the Rocks
Coppola and Murray reunite and engage with the trials and tribulations of human nature, in a movie that's both funny and meaningful - on Apple TV+ from Friday, October 23rd (and also showing in selected cinemas) [Read More...]

A Common Crime (Un crimen común)
Argentinean drama about young boy ‘disappeared’ by the police is a universal criticism of a society rife with systemic inequality and injustice - on VoD on Friday, April 9th [Read More...]

Northern Ireland’s past is presented as an uneasy, yet emotionally rewarding story of sibling relations – from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Saint Maud
British horror avoids possession cliches in order to create a truly original piece of filmmaking transcending genre and emotions - now available on VoD [Read More...]

A Perfectly Normal Family (En Helt Almindelig Familie)
A husband and father reveals that he’s transgender, ripping apart his family’s concept of normality - in cinemas from Friday, October 2nd. [Read More...]

Trauma, sibling tension and distrust are the pillars of this unforgettable and unnerving Canadian set tale of revenge - now available on Shudder [Read More...]

When hate begets hope
Czech director Václav Marhoul talks about finding hope in the disturbing cruelty and violence of The Painted Bird, his adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial novel – in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

200 Meters
A father separated from his wife and children by the West Bank Wall must undertake a 200 km odyssey to be at his son’s hospital bed - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Films are chapters of my life
Luc Roeg, son of the late director Nicolas Roeg talks about his one time onscreen role in his father’s cult classic Walkabout, emotion as a filmmaker’s holy grail, and film as the chapter in one’s life - in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Nicolas Roeg’s cult classic, a powerful and uncomfortable coming-of-age drama is now available on limited edition Blu-ray [Read More...]

The Swerve
Slow-burn drama makes us feel the grind and the haunting pain of a woman’s psychosis following a fatal car accident - from the FrightFest Film Festival [Read More...]

Russian movie offers a ferocious and menacing addition to the alien genre - streaming on Digital and selected cinemas in the UK, and on Digital and Cable VoD in the US from Friday, August 14th. [Read More...]

Mounia Meddour’s semi-autobiographical Algerian Civil War drama Papicha is an unnerving account of history in the shadow of Donald Trump – streaming from Friday, August 7th. [Read More...]

Story of a Love Affair (Cronaca di un Amore)
Michelangelo Antonioni’s debut feature, a dazzling piece of narrative cinema, is finally restored, and it is now available on Blu-ray and on demand [Read More...]

It’s not the end of the world!
Australian helmer Josephine Mackerras, director of ALICE, talks about the accusations of not being able to let go of her feature debut and reaching a point of frustration with her ending, and much more - in an exclusive interview. [Read More...]

Life is a Long Quiet River (La Vie Est Un Long Fleuve Tranquille)
Director Étienne Chatiliez’s lethargic satirical comedy is not without charm, but it feels frustratingly quiet and long – on Blu-ray now. [Read More...]

A happily married Parisian wife takes control of her life in unexpected ways, in director Josephine Mackerras’s empowering debut feature - on VoD from Friday, July 24th. [Read More...]

Make Up
A young woman encounters a sexual awakening after finding traces of smeared lipstick and a strand of red hair, in director Claire Oakley’s compelling psycho-sexual debut - in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema from Friday, July 31st; on BFI Player in November [Read More...]

Zombie for Sale (Gimyohan Gajok)
Director Lee Min-Jae reframes the zombie as a fountain of youth or elixir of life, rather than an harbinger of walking death – on Blu-ray now and streaming on the Arrow Video channel [Read More...]

Cold head, warm heart!!!
Hlynur Palmason, the director of A WHITE, WHITE DAY, talks about trying to keeping his head cold and heart warm, and following intuition rather than exposition, and much more in an exclusive interview [Read More...]

A White, White Day (Hvítur, Hvítur Dagur)
When an off-duty police chief suspects a local man of having had an affair with his late wife, he begins an obsessive search for answers – streaming from Friday, July 3rd. [Read More...]

The Girl With a Bracelet (La Fille au Bracelet)
A teenager is on trial for murdering her best friend in Stéphane Demoustier’s compelling but enigmatic drama - on Curzon Home Cinema from Friday, June 26th. [Read More...]

Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters
A retrospective deep-dive into the making of the 1980s classic GHOSTBUSTERS features never-before-seen archival material – on Digital and Blu-ray now [Read More...]

MS Slavic 7
A woman visits a library in search of letters written by her grandmother, in a curious movie that forces viewers to seek clarity in an ocean of ambiguity - streaming on Mubi now [Read More...]

The Vanishing (Spoorloos)
In this Dutch horror classic, a man searches frantically and obsessively for his girlfriend after she mysteriously disappears - now on VoD, DVD and Blu-ray [Read More...]

After Midnight
A monster becomes a metaphor for violent and painful changes, in this solid piece of genre filmmaking - American horror is now on VoD and Blu-ray [Read More...]

The hands and sounds of horror!
We spoke to Tilman Singer and Simon Waskow, the helmer and the music composer of Luz, one of the most terrifying flicks you will see this year [Read More...]

A young cab driver is stalked by an ancient demon, in this inventive and dreamy horror movie from Germany, with echoes of David Lynch's Lost Highway - on VoD now [Read More...]

Take Me Somewhere Nice
Teen travels from the Netherlands to Bosnia in order to meet her ailing father, in this tender coming-of-age drama about the experience of immigration - on Mubi from Thursday, May 21st [Read More...]

The man behind the great women
We interview the documentarist Mark Cousins, as he releases his 14-hour cinematic journey through the history of female directors [Read More...]

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema
Female directors search for meaning in the highly subjective world of the seventh art, in Mark Cousins's 14-hour masterclass in filmmaking - on BFI Player in five weekly instalments, starting May 18th [Read More...]

We Summon the Darkness
Three American friends on their way to a remote country house encounter a group of sadistic killers, in this popcorn slasher tearing apart right-wing conservatives - on VoD and DVD [Read More...]

The Wretched
A teen grappling with his parents' imminent separation finds out that a witch is posing as his father's neighbour - on VoD on Friday, May 8th [Read More...]

The time for burning bridges!
The director of superb and lyrical masterpiece FIRE WILL COME talks about making an "essential" movie, filming inside real fires, and crossing the boundaries between commercial and art cinema, in exclusive interview [Read More...]

From fast cars to quiet horses: a wild journey into filmmaking
Nick Rowland, the British director of Calm with Horses, talks about a sudden career change from motorsport to cinema, his latest "hyper-violent" movie and filmmaking fatigue, in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Calm with Horses
In rural Ireland, an ex-boxer uses violence as a currency while also caring for his autistic son, in this complex meditation on sacrifice, kindness and humanity - on BritBox on Monday, may 1st, alaso available on other platforms [Read More...]

The dirty secrets of Oliver Hermanus
The director of South African movie MOFFIE, about homosexuality in the army during the Apartheid, pours his heart out as he talks about his insecurities as a filmmaker, trusting audiences, the role of music and much more, in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Sea Fever
Quarantine reveals its monstrous face, in this Irish horror about a marooned fish trawler infected with a horrific parasite - on Digital Friday, April 24th [Read More...]

Dirtylicious twists drive the narrative of this American survival thriller about three friends stranded on a yacht and grappling with tension and trust - from FrightFest [Read More...]

Ready or Not
Grace has to hide from her murderous in-laws immediately after her luxurious wedding, in this American blend of black comedy and horror - now available on VoD [Read More...]

Jellyfish exposes Britain as a disingenuous dystopia
Dirty writer Paul Risker argues that James Gardner’s feature debut is a scathing social and political indictment, bursting their proverbial bubble of a utopian dream of British unity [Read More...]

Assassination Nation
American exploitation movie offers dystopian view of the most powerful country in the world, while also timely echoing Trump's rhetoric of violence and attacks on the press - now also available on Netflix [Read More...]

The Captain (Der Hauptmann)
WW2 drama about German soldier who impersonates a captain blends the beautiful with the monstrous and raises moral questions about our passivity as viewers - on VoD on Monday, October 1st [Read More...]

When does suffering become a communal duty? Laura is a manipulative female whose hefty demands emotionally drain and sexually exhaust her younger partner, in brilliant Canadian drama - in cinemas Friday, May 18th [Read More...]

On Chesil Beach
Say it with music! English drama set in 1962 uses music as a gauge for emotions and a tool for communication, in a culture where people struggle to express their feelings with words and with clarity - now available on VoD [Read More...]

The Ballad of Lefty Brown
The glory and the pain of cowboy life! Solid western featuring Bill Pullman pays tribute to the exploits of the titular character in the burgeoning and mostly lawless American mythical heartland - now on DVD and VoD [Read More...]

The last one to die... American thriller/horror directed by Japanese filmmaker resorts to recognisable devices of the genre, effectively creating an emotional bond between viewers and the hapless victims of a sadistic sniper - out now on Shudder [Read More...]

The Strangers: Prey at Night
Are you into dirty carnal pleasures? Sequel of 2008 slasher doesn't cut any new ground in terms genre innovation, instead indulging in a feast of penetrative violence - available on VoD on Monday, August 20th [Read More...]

The cruellest demon is never to be seen... Canadian filmmaker understands the power of inference, using our imaginations as a tool to create anticipatory fear in this simple yet effective horror - on VoD and DVD [Read More...]

Lies We Tell
A friendship Byrne out of indifference! Dramatic tale of cultural and inspirational angst comes under the veneer of an action flick, but beneath the surface it's far more nuanced - British movie featuring Gabriel Byrne is out in cinemas [Read More...]

Is this the enfant terrible of Latin American cinema?
In an exclusive interview with Dirty Movies, Chilean director Pablo Larraín discusses the use of silence, humour and other feats of The Club - a controversial movie about child abuse and the Catholic Church in his country [Read More...]

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