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Ben Woodiwiss

Writer and Filmmaker

Questioning the rigid modes of filmmaking

Ben Woodiwiss is a Londoner, and to say that he’s obsessed with film would be an understatement. Ben believes that cinema tells us the truth about who we are, above any other art form, philosophy, or belief system.

He spent many years working as a writer and technician before setting up a collective called Look/Think Films in 2010 in order to showcase his cinema. He created the shorts Kvinnefrisen: The Frieze of Woman (2011), Anja & Vivian (2013), Look at Me Now (2015), and the feature film Benny Loves Killing (2012; click here in order to read out 5-splat review of this astounding movie), alongside producer Nick Jones.

These films were born out of love for cinema, with a sense of disquiet at the tired, formulaic way films are often made. Look/Think Films rethinks filmmaking from the ground up, with immersive performances placed at the centre, and a style that is a high-wire act between artifice and naturalism.

Currently, Woodiwiss is writing new scripts for Look/Think Films, and a number of other filmmakers. He is also working on the sci-fi series Enter Lacuna with production company The Boto House.

He can be reached at, or click here in order to accede to the website of Look/Think Films.

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