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Daniel Luis Ennab

Writer and filmmaker

American writer and filmmaker seeking voices beyond the mainstream

Daniel Luis Ennab is an independent filmmaker and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. He was immediately introduced to films at a very young age, watching exploitation cinema from the works of Roger Corman, Richard Rush, Jack Hill, Umberto Lenzi, Kenji Misumi, and Russ Meyers. It wasn’t until his father took him to the midnight showings of spaghetti Westerns and Shaw Brothers pictures that Daniel knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. His attempt to getting more involved with films as a teenager was working for Blockbuster, making recommendations for customers, and spending his breaks learning the different voices behind some of his favourite screenplays.

Since then his knowledge of cinema has widened from reading film criticism (Ebert, Kael, Agee, Farber, Biskind, and Harris), and dedicating his time to finding different films of different genres, of different eras from different countries. Since graduating from the School of Visual Arts, where he made his debut feature And the Boys Go, Daniel’s applied his passion to writing criticism, short stories, and screenplays.

In a time when the theatre-going experience only seems to become less involving, and online streaming services is becoming a quintessential core for how audiences globally watch entertainment, Daniel is always seeking for the cinematic voices behind the blockbuster reign, championing independent wunderkinds, and refraining from a cynical viewpoint when it comes to the ‘future of cinema’.

His response to what he believes is formulaically redundant is to make his own films, and submerge in a personal vision he continues to craft for as long as he can.

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