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Humanising the Western: our dirty questions to Viggo Mortensen


Paul Risker - 14-06-2024

Viggo Mortensen, in an exclusive interview with DMovies talks about his sophomore feature, The Dead Don't Hurt, a very peculiar Western about an immigrant romance; he also discusses masculinity, sound, working with Vicky Krieps, and much more [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Marcus Vetter


Paul Risker - 11-06-2024

Paul Risker interviews Marcus Vetter, co-director of War and Justice, a documentary about the International Criminal Court (ICC), from Nuremberg to theatres of war in Ukraine and Palestine; they discuss international accountability, the complexity of a global court, arrest warrants, "innocence", transformative filmmaking and much more [Read More...]

The Top 5 dirtiest James Bond casino moments


Paola Christensen - 05-06-2024

Our writer Paola Christensen looks at half a century of James Bond movies and unearths some of the luckiest and most unbelievable casino moments exclusively for you! [Read More...]

Three thought-provoking sci-fi movies that gave us a real glimpse into the future


Mariano Garcia - 04-06-2024

Mariano Garcia selects three thought-provoking sci-fi movies that allow us to glimpse into a dirty future, with many bizarre ramifications (particularly AI) widely seen in our very present [Read More...]

Furiosa could lead to an influx of post-apocalyptic content 


Martin Escribador - 04-06-2024

Martin Escribador suggests that the latest entry to the Mad Max franchise will have a widespread impact far beyond the film industry, in many other fields of entertainment [Read More...]

The superpower of dirty film angles


Maria - 03-06-2024

Mariano Garcia argues that camera angles are a fundamental weapon in a film producer’s arsenal, and he uses four classic examples in order to support his bombastic argument [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jonas Trueba


Nataliia Serebriakova - 03-06-2024

Ukrainian movie critic Nataliia Serebriakova interviews the Spanish director behind the happy-go-divorce drama The Other Way Around, which premiered in Cannes last month; they talk about his career, the good side of separations, a lesson that he learnt from his filmmaking father, making low-budget films, and more! [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Letter C: Chinatown


Paul Risker - 03-06-2024

A private investigator with a nose for trouble swaps tailing cheating spouses for a murder investigation - Roman Polanski's Neo-noir about a cruel rendezvous with destiny is the fourth entry of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

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How about a deep dive into Mediterranean film?
The 2nd edition of the Mediterrane Film Festival boasts an exciting combination of regional and international cinema, and - with the action taking place in a sultry Malta in late June - the event is guaranteed to get hot in more ways than one! [Read More...]

Raindance keeps getting younger – just how do they do that???
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Our dirty questions to Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Paul Risker interviews the woman behind A Home on Every Floor, a movie blending the spoken work and a miniature childhood home; they discuss the housing topic in cinema, economic inequality in Norway, subjective memories, transformative filmmaking, and a lot more [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to the Mexican dreamer
Eoghan Lyng interviews Laura Plancarte, the director of "tactile" documentary Mexican Dream; they talk about making observational cinema, challenging European misconceptions of Mexico, gratitude towards #MeToo, and much more [Read More...]

Our verdict of the 77th Festival de Cannes
Two dirty journalists attended the 77th edition of the Festival de Cannes and reviewed more than 50 films exclusively for you; this is what they thought of the big winners, of the films that missed out, and also of the turkeys! [Read More...]

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