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Lie with Me

Thought-provoking, romantic drama movie about a sexually aggressive woman attracted to a deranged male lacks a concise storyline and in-depth characters - on all major VoD platforms

The first thing that came to my mind when watching the film is its aggressiveness. Just seconds after the film started, a sexually explicit scene is already playing, although one would expect it to be an extremely sensual movie. But we’ll get more into that a little later. If you’re wondering what Lie with Me (2005) movie is all about, I’m here to share my thoughts all about it.

Since it’s a relatively old movie, you might have even encountered it while streaming TV and movies, but it might not be widely available because of its nature. But if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to watch this movie, stick around in order to find out more. The entire film only revolves around two people, Leila and David. Leila, played by Lauren Lee Smith, is the sexually aggressive woman who spends most of her time partying and looking for sex. David, portrayed by Eric Balfour, is an equally sexually aggressive man whom Leila met at a bar one night. For me, their acting was okay, there was nothing special about it given that most of the film’s minutes are spent on bed scenes.

As for their characters, Leila is a young woman who loves having sexual intercourse with men. She loves the freedom, the feeling, and the fun it gives her. David, on the other hand, is a man who’s already in a relationship, but after encountering Leila at the bar, he can’t seem to keep his mind off her. That’s when he decided to pursue her, well, if that’s even called pursuing. If you find these characters interesting and plan to watch this movie online, just make sure to have a reliable internet service provider so you can stream it smoothly.

Honestly, the movie is mostly boring simply because there’s not much value in the storyline. If your cup of tea is the constant bed scenes with full frontal, you might enjoy it, but it you’re like me who’s more about the story rather than the visuals like this, you’ll probably have the same thoughts as mine. There is not real plot, but more of a series of scenes, mostly sexual ones. The story starts with Leila playing with herself while watching an explicit video on TV, then gets up and go to a bar. Leila’s parents are going through divorce, which is also taking a toll on her. But then again, she’s using her body to have fun and probably forget about the fact that her parents are separating. The movie is centered on her thoughts, so it’s like played in a diary-style point-of-view.

Just a friendly reminder: make sure to have the best internet provider if you plan to stream this movie online so you won’t get distracted with the constant buffering. Going back to the story… For one, Leila is the type of woman who can get any man he wants. When she went to the bar, that’s where she saw David which sparked their connection. After that encounter, David pursued her, which she gladly accepted. It’s not even pursuing actually – it’s like they knew that they had to be together, not romantically though but purely for sex. Since then, they spent most of their time doing sexual activities at David’s home to satisfy their sex drives. David lives with his father, who’s heavily dependent on him, so Leila eventually met him. There isn’t any conflict with their relationship at first. They were happy with each other – like they’re in the honeymoon stage of every romantic relationship.

Their relationship starts to crumble when David’s dad passed away. David was grieving, yet Leila has no idea how to console him. One night, they both went to a bar, and David saw Leila dancing with two other guys. It frustrated him because he’s already in love with her, but Leila seems like she’s just playing and having fun. They went home and Leila tried making a move but David is mad about what happened at the bar. Then and there, he confronted Leila and asked her to promise him not to leave him, saying he loves her. Here’s where Leila’s commitment issues starts showing. After they did their usual thing, Leila left David’s home because as she said, she made him promise something she can’t keep. After some time, she came back apologizing but David is already over her, as what he said. He pushed her away saying he doesn’t want anything to do with her. After all, he’s already gotten back with his ex-girlfriend.

Leila stopped approaching David and minded her own business, up until the last scene where Leila’s friend got married. Leila attended and so did David, and that’s where they made up and be together once again. The characters lack any depth, making the film tedious and difficult to grasp. It was gliding between Leila’s troubling personality and her incapability or fear of falling in love beyond sex and the complexity of love and relationships. What’s the reason behind their loneliness? What made them sexually aggressive? How did David fall in love with her? These are just some of the questions that could’ve been answered in the film.

It could’ve been better if the story was more laid out than going more for the bed scenes. The story is based on a book. This film is not for everyone, but Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour really helped this adaptation in ways more than one.

Lie with Me is on all major streaming platforms.

By Mariano Garcia - 01-05-2024

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