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Our writer Mariano Garcia investigates the art of decor and design in films about the world of gambling, while also revealing his favourite flicks that were filmed inside a real casino

Gambling always attracts viewers with adrenaline, the atmosphere of big winnings and risk. It does not matter where and how you play, as the game is accompanied by unforgettable emotions. Classic card tables, slot machines, uk online casinos, any of the options fulfils the role of a powerful source of inspiration for cinema.

Not for nothing casinos and gambling became the basis of the plot for legendary and even cult films. In them it was important not just to build a storyline on the background of the casino, but to show what it attracts people.


How to attract people to the casino

Entertainment institution is designed to relax, amuse, entertain and provide positive emotions. This process should not interfere with anything, and the environment and interior to dispose of a long-term stay. For this reason, films pay a lot of attention to decor and set design, and some directors refuse to shoot in the pavilions, believing it’s impossible to reproduce the atmosphere of a real casino. In some ways they are right, because the real interior, expensive and luxurious, it is difficult to fully replace the boutaforia.

Every corner of the casino should emphasise luxury and its availability to everyone. Even the first-time visitor must be convinced that he is not superfluous at this celebration of life, before him are open rainbow prospects. If you want and a share of luck casino can become a second home, where the player in comfort and cosiness can hide from the hustle and bustle of life and win. Everyone has a chance to win big!


The impact of design and interior design on the mood of players

Despite the fact that all casinos are different, and there are no written rules for the organisation of the interior space, certain common standards are still there. They are thought out to the smallest detail, as each owner seeks to make his institution unique. This applies to the interior.

Three rules for the correct organisation of the interior:

  1. There are no windows in the casino, through which you can see what the weather is outside or what time of day it is, there are no clocks so that players are not distracted by anything. A casino is a place out of time. It is isolated from the outside world and nothing about the world reminds you of it, so you can kick back and relax. Perhaps the ability to discard all unnecessary things at the right moment and gives you the opportunity to hear your inner voice, which tells you how to win.
  1. Casino furniture is not bought in luxury shops. It is made to order from the most expensive materials, most often from precious wood, with appropriate decoration. Furniture is ordered for each individual game zone to divide the huge space into cosy nooks, where people feel most comfortable.
  1. The area of the gambling establishment consists of locations, each of which is distinguished by its own interior. In fact, these are separate rooms without walls, for which the appropriate furniture, lighting, comfortable noise level is selected. In such a place you want to stay longer, there are no irritating factors such as high density of visitors per square metre or sharp light, from which you want to hide. Nor should people with a fear of confined spaces, because despite the lack of open windows, the furniture is arranged so that there are no obstacles in front of it, and sitting in a comfortable chair you can watch what is happening in other areas.

It is also impossible to imagine a casino without a lobby, where you can have a drink with friends, socialise or take a break from the over-the-top emotions. Such a desire arises almost every visitor. This is another opportunity to spend time pleasantly, but in a different, although no less comfortable environment.

It is important for the institution to respect regular customers and attract new ones, and for this purpose it is necessary to remember not only the game, but also the atmosphere, in which you want to return.

Films shot in real casinos

About the gambling business made a lot of exciting films in different genres, but especially memorable pictures filmed in real casinos. Not every film director can afford such a luxury, as it is fabulously expensive.

  • Steven Soderbergh managed to do it during the shooting of the film Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) in the casino-hotel The Bellagio (Las Vegas). But even in the casino itself all the scenes could not be filmed, so we had to work not in the central halls, but on their backs and in the studio. In the central part they shot general plans without actors, but even that was enough to appreciate the luxurious interior design with expensive carpets, fountains, crystal chandeliers and mahogany furniture.
  • Martin Campbell made the spy movie Casino Royale (2006) also on the territory of the real MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, which is not surprising considering that the city is the centre of gambling life of the planet, and every regular of any casino in the world wants to come here. MGM Grand is styled as Hollywood, and this is glitter, glamour, luxury, shows of the most famous “stars” of the stage and fights of the strongest athletes. By the way, the fight between Klitschko and Lewis in the film Ocean’s Eleven (Soderbergh, 2001; pictured at the top of this article) was filmed here.

Heroes of many Hollywood blockbusters are lucky in gambling, especially if they are beginners. Feel the atmosphere of risk and unique emotions that can give a win, otherwise you will never know what it means to feel happy. Make a bet and one more step towards your dream!

By Mariano Garcia - 07-11-2023

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