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Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls

A coming-of-age story about love, friendship, and sexuality that captures the intense warmth and softness that comes with queer love, this Canadian film is everything I wish that 14-year-old me had - from the 30th Raindance Film Festival

Originally being developed as a short film back in 2018, the now feature-length project is premiering at Raindance Film Festival 2022. Written and directed by Julianna Notten, this colourful, nostalgic film is the perfect feel-good LGBTQ romance story.

In today’s era, the want for LGBTQ-related stories and representation within mainstream media is higher than ever, and progression certainly is being made. From the likes of Heartstopper and Crush, it is enchanting to see positive stories being written and portrayed by homosexual characters. Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls is the latest addition to the new wave of queer love stories, and it is absolutely captivating.

Starring Elliot Stocking as Erin, Jesyca Gu as Liz, and Rosali Annikie as Sydni, the film follows as Erin creates the perfect step-by-step guide on how to achieve her goal – to kiss a girl for the first time. When former child-star it-girl Sydni moves to Erin and Liz’s school, Erin quickly discovers that she has strong feelings for the new girl in town. After bonding over their hatred for fake-wokeness and teen-boy insults, Sydni and Erin grow closer, but this only puts a strain on best friend’s Erin and Liz’s friendship.

The incredibly talented, diverse cast of teenagers that star within this film are outstanding and had me hooked from the very first scene, when Erin boldly defaces a heteronormative perfume ad. The animated visuals and vibrant colour palette are only part of what makes this film so special- a continuous dreamy melody is utilized within certain scenes of the film, perfectly replicating the feeling of butterflies that come with developing your first crush.

Overall, Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls is an upbeat, heartwarming story that is an easy, important watch for all generations. Informative, educational, and genuinely enjoyable, this film is a huge step in the right direction for the LGBTQ community and shows exactly why representation on the big screen is so important.

Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls premiered at the 30th Raindance Film Festival.

By Laney Gibbons - 22-10-2022

Laney is London-based Film Studies graduate who is an advocate for diversity and representation within film. Having studied various different elements and genres of film, as well as films from differe...

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