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Forget Fast & Furious: four dirty movies featuring car action

Our reader Rod Wells picks favourite car action movies, while arguing that the film subgenre is an integral part of a much broader subculture

Cars are perhaps one of the most popular subcultures, with many loving the adrenaline and the high-octane action that these powerful machines and vehicles can provide when they are used as part of storylines and plots in movies to hit the big screen.

Cars have not only provided a source of inspiration for movie directors. There has been a number of television shows such as Top Gear and The Grand Tour, as well as a pleathora of songs, including Little Red Corvette by Prince, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett. Game developers have also sought inspiration in cars, with games such as Need For Speed, Gran Turismo and Forza. Slot games such as Drive Multiplier Mayhem can be found at Unibet PA casino, highlighting the increasing popularity of the subculture.

The Fast & Furious movie franchise is perhaps one of the most famous to use supercars that have been jacked with various mechanics and high-performance elements. There are other car movies that provide something extra to the movie subgenre. Below are my personal favourite ones, listed in chronological order:


1. The Italian Job (Peter Collinson, 1969):

Arguably one of the most famous car films ever made, The Italian Job also provided movie lovers with one of the most famous quotes to have ever come from the silver screen. The film stars Michael Caine as a newly-released prisoner that looks to get back to his conman ways by trying to organise a $4 million heist by using the famous Mini Coopers. “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”.

The Italian Job is also pictured at the top of this article.


2. Gone in 60 Seconds (Dominic Sena, 2000):

This 2000 movie entitled Gone in 60 Seconds is remake of the eponymous 1974 film by H.B. Halicki. The more recent version featured Nicolas Cage, Robert Duvall and Angelina Jolie is arguably superior its predecessor. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Cage plays the lead character, a prolific car thief. A British gangster (Christopher Ecclestone) based in Long Beach, California gives him a task that’s borderline impossible to achieve: to steal 50 cars in just 96 minutes.

Cars range from manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and Rolls-Royce.


3. Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015)

A very strong contender for the best car movie franchise accolade, the Mad Max has a number of movies highly praised by film lovers and critics alike. The Road Warrior (Miller, 1981) is often regarded as the best one. But my personal favourite is Fury Road, made more than three decades later. Tom Hardy plays Max Rockatansky, having taken over from Mel Gibson in the first instalments of the film. The action never stops, and it will keep your adrenaline flowing throughout!


4. Ford v Ferrari (James Mangold, 2019):

Racing enthusiasts and petrol heads know about the rivalry between the two racing giants in the 1960s. This movie tells the true story of Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and the driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), the movie features the duo being tasked by Ford to build the perfect Ford GT40 in order to try and defeat the Ferrari team at Le Mans in 1966, as the Italian team continued to dominate the sport.

There are a number of classic cars that can be seen in the film as well as some impressive reenactments of historical events. It even received a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

By Rod Wells - 26-07-2021

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