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King of Hearts (Le Roi de Coeur)

Who are the real loonies? Scotsman sent to defuse WW2 landmines left behind by retreating Germans in France finds solace and sanity amongst mental asylum escapees - anti-war classic from the 1960s hits cinemas this Friday

The phrase “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king” is something of a guiding ethos for Philippe De Broca’s 1966 anti-war satire King of Hearts. In the last days of WW1, after an ornithologist is mistaken for an explosives expert, a lone Scottish infantryman is sent into a French town that has been rigged with booby traps by retreating German forces. Tasked with defusing the bomb, Private Pumpnick (Alan Bates) inadvertently liberates the inmates of an asylum, only to become inducted into their bizarre, yet appealing way of life.

By Jake Sanders - 04-06-2018

Jake first got seriously into film during a teenage obsession with Paul Newman, specifically his character in Cool Hand Luke (Stuart Rosenber, 1967). This led to the discovery of the early work of Mar...

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