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Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast

Dennis Skinner is best known for his socialist credentials and resilience; will his new doc deliver an impartial look at the controversial man or will it be an esoteric affair for a group of leftwingers?

We at DMovies have finally decided to review trailers as part of our service. These vids help to shape the identity of a movie long before it’s released. Trailers can be very useful when deciding whether to watch a film, and their value as a marketing tool is unquestionable. But they can also be misleading and disappointing, and set the wrong expectations. We are to look at them for you and to raise dirty questions, helping to establish whether you should be looking out for it or not.

“We knew the difference between right and wrong but we also knew the difference between the classes”, this is how the trailer for the upcoming documentary Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast opens up. It looks like first-time director Daniel Draper intends to deliver a romantic tribute to the legendary 85-year-old MP for Bolsover, in Derbyshire. He has held his seat for nearly 50 consecutive years.

Describing the energetic and outspoken politician as a “miner”, “activist” and “socialist” is probably very accurate, yet it remains to be seen whether draper will investigate the most controversial aspects of Skinner’s career. The Labour veteran has been a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn throughout the decades, but the nature of their relationship right now is a little blurry. Plus Skinner is a vocal Brexiter, and he actively campaigned for “Lexit”, which raised many eyebrows within his own party as well as other progressives.

Dennis Skinner: Nature of the Beast is out in cinemas across the UK on September 8th.

By DMovies' team - 31-08-2017

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