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‘Batguano’ at the Brazilian Embassy

A exotic creature flew into the Brazilian Embassy last night, as Dirty Movies held the screening of the post-apocalyptic, homosexual and Brazilian superhero film 'Batguano' - see the pictures and find out what happened

The Batman and Robin 1960s TV series was probably one of the campest pop products mass media has ever churned out. Although younger generations know Batman as the dark, glum hero with a painful past, back then he was a riotous, colourful and shrieking creature .

Fast forward to Brazilian cinema, 2014. The aging gay superheros live in a trailer in a post-apocalyptic world. Welcome to Batguano, one of the dirtiest, most daring and off-kilter films to come out of Brazil in recent years. This is how our writer Antônio Pasolini described the film directed by Brazilian filmmaker Tavinho Teixeira and screened in the UK for the first time last night – click on the film and the author’s name for more information about them.

About 50 dirty cinema-lovers showed up at the free event at the heart of London, at the Brazilian Embassy near Trafalgar Square. The Brazilian Cultural Attaché Hayle Gadelha was present the event, as well as an enthusiastic crowd of people from Brazil, the UK, Ireland, the US, Germany, Japan and many other countries. They are pictured below:



The film director also had a message directly to the public in London: “Thank you so much DMovies for the opportunity to show my film at the Brazilian Embassy in London. Being alive is something exquisite and even marvelous. Capitalism is collapsing, Brazil is a democracy, Japan has cleaned up the Fukushima mess, the Aral Sea is alive and well, the US are not interested in Brazilian oil, and racism, sexism and homophobia – despite not being diseases – have been fully eradicated from this planet.

“Sadly, none of that is true. It is our duty to turn our nightmares into films, books and painting, like a loud cry. I hope you enjoy my film, and get in touch through our Facebook page

DMovies would like to express its gratitude to the Hayle Gadelha, Fernanda Franco and everyone else at the Embassy. We look forward to the screening of Dead Girl’s Feast (Matheus Nachtergaele, 2009; click here in order to accede to our review of the film) on June 22nd, as well as three more thought-provoking films throughout July and August. Their titles and dates are yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned!

By Dirty Movies team - 09-06-2016

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