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We want to promote your “dirty” film work, and we can do much more than write a review about your film and publish your advertisement.

Sponsored pieces will uncover the daring, audacious and truly unique aspects of your film, your organisation. It will reveal the hidden facets of your work, your vision and your aspirations to a broad audience very passionate about cinema and in line with your interests.

These campaigns may or may not be marked as an sponsored piece, according to your necessities. Pieces will be written by one of our journalists carefully selected with experience relevant to your industry. We have a large and fast-growing pool of writers, as you can see in our profile section, and we also have the right media partners.

Such campaigns will include a combination of the elements below:

  • In-depth article about the company;
  • Featured interview with selected industry stakeholder;
  • Dirty profiles of relevant pundits;
  • Reviews of selected films;
  • Online polling (on, Twitter and Facebook), live open questions;
  • Advertising of events on the website;
  • PR campaign (local or international);
  • Insertion on our 15,000-strong newsletter;
  • Intensive promotion on Twitter and Facebook; and
  • Marketing collateral (flyers, shirts, white paper, magazine inlets, etc).

Such campaign can assist your organisation with several objectives: Please contact us on +44 (0) 7470 221 199 or e-mail us at and let’s talk about your tailored campaign in more detail – and also don’t forget to ask for our media pack.

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