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We established ourselves as an independent production company in 2019.

Our first feature film was released in November 2021. The Coup d’Etat Factory, directed by Victor Fraga and Valnei Nunes, reveals the stealthy machinations of the mainstream communication vehicles in Brazil, the UK and the rest of the world, revealing that media manipulation and fake news played a pivotal role in the near-destruction of Brazilian democracy that too place between 2016 and 2020. The film was selected to prestigious festivals around the globe, including Havana, Bresil en Mouvement, Tübingen, and others. The film premiered in the UK at special screening at the BFI Southbank, and it obtained theatrical distribution in nine Brazilian capitals. It was made available online shortly before Brazilian elections in October 2022. It has been broadcast in Brazilian, Cuban and Chilean television, and it is now available for streaming on Filmin and Vimeo. In total, the film has been viewed by more than 250,000 people.

Our second film, the short documentary The Flour Test (Victor Fraga) was finalised the following year, It investigates a very unorthodox experiment carries out during the Brazilian dictatorship in order to humiliate gay and bisexual conscriptees in the Brazilian military. The movie has been selected for some of the largest LGBT+ film festivals in the world, including Mix Brasil, Beijing, Poland, Wicked Queer (US), and many others. It toured the United States and Brazil with Mostra Brasil.

DMovies were partners in the production of Bruce LaBruce’s The Visitor. DMovies’s founder Victor Fraga doubled down as producer and co-writer. The production was made arts organisation a-political, supported by Doesn’t Exist magazine (an exciting publication blending film and fashion, and our loyal partners since conception). The movie was released in 2024 in the prestigious Panorama section of the 74th Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival).

We are currently working on various projects, both fiction and documentary,

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