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New services

New services

DMovies is company centred primarily in the media sector, but also straddling other areas, such as film exhibition, cinema events and film production. We are in the early stages of product development, and we always looking for new partners and new services. Our focus is on innovation, navigating new roads and exploring uncharted territories.

We believe that cinema is powerful transformational tool: it enables audiences to think outside the box and industries to grow far beyond their original remit. This is why we are constantly looking everywhere for novel ways of achieving this.

Our company has a very strong concept of “dirt”, and our brand is being increasingly recognised in many corners of the world. Our dirty logo (at the top) and meme (inside the logo and in pictures throughout this website) are catchy and convey a sense of “dirt” which is immediately discernible to viewers.

In case you want to partner up with DMovies, have a new product idea, or you simply wish to leverage our brand in your business get in touch now. We’d love to hear you dirty ideas! You can reach us on +44 (0) 7470 221 199 or e-mail us at – and also don’t forget to ask for our media pack.

Go on, let’s talk dirty!

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