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We want to help to promote your film to a an international audience through our website, as well as to reach out to a vast network of film distributors, film reviewers and cinema lovers in London. In order to do that, we offer an International Dirty Premiere service.

This service includes at between one and three screenings of your independent movie in London, supported by advertising on, through social networking and the local media. We will invite a list of selected film distributors and reviewers tailored to your requirement. This may also include a cocktail reception as well as a Q&A after the movie. This event may include your attendance – this is also an opportunity to engage sponsors in the hospitality, food and airline business at your request.

London is a an international cinema hub with more than 400 movie theatres, 500 independent film producers and 120 film distributors. We are currently building a relationship with many of these organisations in order to create a solid platform for dirty films in the British capital and elsewhere.

Currently, our main exhibition partner is the RichMix cinema, a well-established cinema with three cinema screens in the heart of multicultural and vibrant London East End. Once a vast leather factory, the building 35-47 Bethnal Green Road was transformed into a multi-arts venue, all 62,000 feet of it. Stretched over five floors, this emblematic venue takes part in a number of independent film festivals. Please contact us n +44 (0) 7470 221 199 or e-mail us at for more information about our portfolio, for a list of partners, and to request a proposal and a quote for your film, and also don’t forget to ask for your media pack.

Click here and here for two samples of of recent dirty screenings, and here for a list of past events, from our Facebook page.

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