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Priscilla Davanzo

Filmmaker and Body Artist

The female body on both sides of the camera

Priscilla Davanzo works with body art, performance art, video art, documentary, new media art, conceptual art, installation, photography, intervention, street art and interaction. She graduated at the Fine Art’s Institute of the São Paulo State University, Brazil. She wrote her Master’s thesis entitled “The Obsolete Body”.

Her work seeks to understand the possibilities and limits of the use of the human body in the artwork. Currently she is working in her PhD thesis at Porto University (Portugal) about analogical interaction during the artistic creative process and its relation to affection.

She has taken part in events in Mexico, United States, France, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. Highlights include the solo exhibitions “Lugares da Escrita” (“Written Places”, in Guimarães, Portugal, 2014), “Quatro Procedimentos Para um Novo Corpo“ (“Four Processes for a New Body”, in Casa das Retortas, São Paulo, Brazil) and a dedicated room at the “III Engraving Biennale” of Santo André (Paço Municipal, Santo André, Brazil, 2005). She has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions and curated art festivals in Brazil, Argentina and Portugal.

Davanzo is often the subject of her own work, and the line between artist and creation is often blurred. Her body is a living piece of art, with extensive tattoos, scars and other artistic creations. She counts the Young British Artists, the Viennese Actionists and Fluxus as her biggest influences.

You can e-mail her at

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