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Philip Brocklehurst

Writer and Filmmaker

Meet a young man who loves creating dirty visual arts that astound, captivate and move audiences

Philip Brocklehurst has lived in Birmingham, in the UK, for most of his life. He is an experimental and independent filmmaker. He is a huge admirer and lover of movies of all various kinds, his main favourites are definitely European, mainly Italy made by such greats as Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, and many more.

His biggest inspiration with his personal short films is Polish director Walerian Borowczyk with his unique style to filmmaking which was both creative and artistic with showing the beauty of life and even the most purest form of sexuality.

When Philip makes a film, he always like the camera to be alive and part of the film, taking every fine detail in. He hopes to make bigger and broader short films, while his one big aspiration is to have the chance to move into feature films to show the world his deep and expressive visions. He aims to reach cinematic heights that not many directors dare to go, his goal is to show the world the power and the beauty of cinema and how it can tell compelling and incredible stories that people will remember for generations to come. He strongly believes that filmmaking is art in motion, the camera is the brush and the world is the canvas, and as an artist he relishes creating various moving works of art of every kind for ones viewing pleasure.

Philip has filmed two music videos for composer Martin Del Carpio, a friend and talented musician who shares the same interest in creating art the likes of which is creative and expressive in showing personal touches and sexual liberation. Philip’s music video “Baton Rouge” was exactly what Del Carpio was looking for, a deep and personal video that is also bold and daring with showing the bare naked vulnerability of a man’s soul shown through his body. His other music video for Martin, “Old Age”, his second music video, is a moving and sentimental work which shows his home city and its every day life which is beautiful and intimate.

Philip Brocklehurst is also an independent, low budget film producer, he has funded several small budget horror films in Russia directed by his friend and fellow filmmaker Alexander Sharoglazov (who credits himself as Alex Wesley), these gritty and gruesome forays into horror that he has produced are: Mutilator from the Grave, Traces of Gore, Traces of Gore II, Demon Mind, Death Cases and Freak in the Basement.

Philip is also an independent author who writes under the pen name “P.M. Thomas”, he loves to write any genre that he feels is perfect for telling the story that he needs to tell. He has written many books that are all different yet held together by his love of telling a story that is personal, dramatic, romantic, and even sexual. His books include: Humanity Lost, The Woman and The Boy, The Author, The Art of Death, Sexed Out, Love Struck, and Zombie Forest, to name a few of his many works.

You can see Philip’s short films by clicking here, his books here and his music videos here and here. And you can contact him via Twitter and Facebook.

And don’t forget to check his exclusive platform for experimental cinema as well as the pitch for his first feature film, both on DMovies.

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