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Pedro Miguel

Multimedia Artist, Filmmaker and Writer

How do you blend Portuguese nostalgia with queer expression? Pedro has just the answer for you

Growing up in a small island, Pedro nurtured his passion for drawing and photography from a very early age. He first started showing his work to the general public in 2009 with the creation of his still running photography blog: São, Salvo e Arrependido. Initially inclined towards portraits, he naturally gravitated towards nude photography in the beginning of his degree. His passion for the moving pictures sparked much later, and it soon became obvious that the subject-matter was worth exploring on video.

As a student, he also had some insight into the industry as an assistant director for independent films in 2012, and by 2013 he was a guest judge for the Temps d’Image Film Festival. As a film enthusiast, he became deeply connected to the melancholic cinematography of Andrei Tarkovsky and Béla Tarr. Other predominant influences were the theatrical style of Peter Greenway’s Prospero’s Books (1991) and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre (1989), as well as Ingmar Bergman’s inner journey with Wild Strawberries (1957)

His artistic endeavours at the time were largely dedicated to reviewing old family footage and integrating them into his then work in progress Irene. He explored portraits by juxtaposing and blending images of the past with present ones, thereby decontextualising them and creating a new meaning. The short film Irene was an effort to establish a triptych on the reflection of the course of time and gender expression. Its debut proved successful and gave him his first accolade, the Best Short Film Award at the Queer Lisbon Festival, in 2015.

Pedro is now based in London. He started writing for DMovies in 2016, and he and expects to broaden his awareness on films from all over the world and study new approaches to cinema as well as mapping out future ideas for new and thrilling artistic projects.

You can get in touch with Pedro via his e-mail

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