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Patricia Cook

Researcher and writer

Scottish film expert has an eclectic taste and holds a PhD in early cinema exhibition

As a child, the weekly family outing was going to the pictures every Monday night at our local cinema, The Kelburne (in Paisley, Scotland), followed by a fish and chip high tea in the cinema café. In those days, there was the main feature supported by a so-called “b-movie”. You went into the screening whenever you arrived and sat through the programme until it reached the point where you came in.

My cinema-going has continued. Apart from horror movies, I have an eclectic taste. As a student in Glasgow, I was a devotee of art house movies, attracted by the programmes of new wave films shown at the Cosmo, a family run art deco cinema. Since then my taste has broadened to include most genres and has extended to include early silent movies.

Following retirement from my day job, I have followed numerous courses in the study of film, particularly those offered by Birkbeck College, University of London. A research project into the career of an early film exhibitor in Britain has been published and I am currently preparing a book based on my PhD, which concentrates on early exhibition of film in England and Scotland.

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