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Nick Kouhi


Premature cinephile passionate about both film and the written word, and specialised in Iranian cinema

Nick Kouhi’s been a cinephile since he was four years old. An avid, lifelong movie-goer, he spent most of the ’90s going to second-run cinemas and sneaking into neighbouring auditoriums with his dad. As a teenager, Nick’s developed his passion for film alongside his love for the written word, convincing his high school English teacher to incorporate Pan’s Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro, 2006) into a Literature of Activism class after writing a review of the film. As an adult, Nick wrote for his own blog, KouhiFilms, before trying his hand at pitching to other publications.

Since then, Nick has written for a number of magazines, both digital and print, based around the world, including Sight & Sound Magazine, Journey Into Cinema, and photogénie. Nick’s writing has encompassed a broad spectrum of classic and contemporary cinema and focused primarily on Iranian Cinema when writing his master’s dissertation at the National Film & Television School. He’s covered a slew of festivals, including Cannes, the BFI London Film Festival, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival, and most recently the New York Film Festival. Nick’s most interested in films which grapple with increasingly porous questions of national and cultural identity in a globalised era, and how we recognise our similarities and differences through a constantly changing medium.

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