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Maysa Monção

Journalist and Writer

A bookish cinephile with a sharp eye for detail and a nose for new talent

Maysa Monção is a Brazilian writer, teacher, translator, editor and art performer who currently lives in London.

She has a Masters Degree in Film Studies from Tor Vergata University in Rome, Italy, discussing Italian documentarists working in India. She was invited by Royal Anthropological Institute in UK to present her thesis at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India in 2012.

In addition, she has a Masters Degree in Communications and Translation from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil. She translated ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’ into Portuguese, comparing four versions in three languages (English, French and Italian). She was awarded the Best Translation Award by Editora Cone Sul in 1998. She dedicated her work to Antunes Filho, an influential Brazilian playwright.

Monção has a passion for exploring and uncovering unsung artists and the hidden facets of their work. She has been mostly writing film reviews and visiting film festivals in the past four years. This includes the London Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Festa Internazionale del Film di Roma, Tribeca Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. She has in-depth interviews with a plethora of influential filmmakers under her belt: Jeff Nichols, Peter Greenaway, Xavier Dolan, Kleber Mendonça Filho, Alfonso Cuarón and Salman Rushdie.

You can find her by writing to

Other posts by Maysa Monção
Classic of Brazilian realism remains equally moving and disturbing nearly 40 years after its original release - shows at the BFI London Film Festival taking place October 10th-12th [Read More...]

Words are very unnecessary! Older man and younger woman have silent, enigmatic and subversive relationship in this eerie chamber tale - now on VoD (US release) [Read More...]

Red Sparrow
Watch the trailer for the upcoming Hollywood thriller Red Sparrow, about a sexy and devious Russian spy played by Jennifer Lawrence [Read More...]

David Lynch gets Lifetime Award and answers our dirty questions
Our writer Maysa Monção attended the Rome International Film Festival where the iconic American filmmaker received a Lifetime Achievement accolade on Saturday, and she also popped a couple of questions to him [Read More...]

In Blue
Strange highs, strange lows! Dutch flight attendant has romantic relationship with underage Romanian teen, but the reasons for her affection are far more complex than they seem - from the Rome International Film Festival [Read More...]

Freak Show
Baby, I was born this way! Despite the bullying, Alex Lawther is an unabashed cross-dresser in this gentle coming-of-age tale - in cinemas and now also available for digital streaming [Read More...]

A Movie Life (O Filme da minha Vida)
Dreams from my French father: Brazilian drama starring Vincent Cassel examines longing for a homeland as well as a paternal figure - from the Rome International Film Festival [Read More...]

All that Divides Us (Tout nous Sépare)
Dirty French drama about unusual mother-daughter bond and a very libidinous disabled woman shows at the Rome International Film Festival, starring Catherine Deneuve [Read More...]

The Florida Project
The irresistible naughtiness of being: the director of the dirty masterpiece Tangerine takes a look at the innocence of childhood, in a film set just outside Disney World - now on all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Whining and wailing are futile! The Greek director of Dogtooth and The Lobster returns with an unforgiving tale of sacrifice, with his usual absurdist streak - finally in cinemas! [Read More...]

Ingrid Goes West
Do you sometimes go a little OCD with social media? Ingrid does, too - in cinemas [Read More...]

Beyond the Breasts (Para Além dos Seios)
What is it that makes you a woman? What about a human being? Brazilian doc investigates the female body and its physical, social and political connotations - now available for digital streaming [Read More...]

Why d'ya do it what she said??? French actress-turned-director Sandrine Bonnaire gets under the skin of iconic British singer Marianne Faithfull as she investigates her relationship to Mick Jagger and whether she ever became a prostitute - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace
How do you achieve peace and transcendence through filmmaking and photography? American snapper Michael O'Neill and Brazilian helmer Heitor Dhalia travel to India in search of the answer - from Raindance [Read More...]

The never-ending war: American WW2 veteran has to fight against racial segregation on his very turf upon returning from the battlefield abroad - in cinemas [Read More...]

Patti Cake$
Take the Cross Bronx Expressway to stardom, but rest assured: it's going to be a bumpy ride - delightful comedy about aspiring hip-hop artists in cinemas [Read More...]

Book it right now: this lyrical tale about the moribund habit of buying and reading books will enrapture you from its first pag... minute! From the Locarno Film Festival, and also available to view online for free for a short period only [Read More...]

Lost in Vagueness
Just how dirty does Glastonbury get? And we are not talking about mud! Doc investigates the history of deeply subversive vaudeville that added an entirely different dimension to the Festival - in cinemas Friday, June 1st [Read More...]

The Levelling
Do you want to know why older Brits don’t understand young Brits, and the other way around? Then watch The Levelling. It might even help to heal some Brexit wounds. In cinemas this weekend [Read More...]

How many Black people can you leave waiting outside?
Our writer Maysa Monção attended the casting audition for Idris Elba first feature film, a movie about the Afro-Caribbean London of the 1980s. What she saw is the living proof that Black Brits are hungry for film representation, and they are not well catered for. [Read More...]

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
A one woman's struggle that turned into huge popular movement against plans to "modernise" New York in the 1960s by displacing and alienating its inhabitants - out in cinemas this week [Read More...]

One building, one million stories
Our writer Maysa Monção unexpectedly stumbled across the iconic Chelsea Hotel while in New York covering the Tribeca Film Festival, and she finds out that every corner of the building exudes film history [Read More...]

The Public Image is Rotten
Johnny Rotten thrives on controversy, but underneath there's a far more gentle and mellow human being - new doc at Raindance [Read More...]

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Not just a pretty face: the tragic story of the Austrian-born Hollywood star whose beauty overshadowed her extraordinary scientific skills - in cinemas Friday, March 9th [Read More...]

Who is the real machine here: the one with gears or the one with hands? Doc exposes the working conditions of textile factory workers in Gujarat (India), contrasted against the vibrant colours of the garments being manufactured [Read More...]

Mulholland Drive is a very dirty La La Land
Our writer Maysa Monção reveals the six reasons why she thinks that David Lynch's cult classic Mulholland Drive, which is out in cinemas again right now, is a deeply twisted and dirty La La Land [Read More...]

Free Fire
Ben Wheatley's latest feature Free Fire is a bizarre and yet effective hybrid of opera and thriller, and it is guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumping throughout - now on DVD, Blu-ray and EST [Read More...]

Graduation (Bacalaureat)
Overcoming endemic corruption is a mammoth task for Romanians; the consequences for individuals striving to make a living are extremely toxic - in new film by the director of 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days [Read More...]

The Good Postman
In a refreshing and welcomed twist on the rampant xenophobia intoxicating Europe, a Bulgarian postman campaigns to bring refugees into his ageing village [Read More...]

The Salesman
The Foreign Oscar winning Iranian film is a multilayered and complex analysis of human frailties and social collapse, using Tehran as a backdrop and an American play as the paintbrush [Read More...]

Burning Sands
Is humiliation the way towards humility? Callous drama about hazing rituals in the US is our highlight of the week on Netflix [Read More...]

Seeing it from the other side: Transpecos by Greg Kwedar explores the subject of immigration in the US-Mexican border, except that this time from a very unusual perspective: the agents [Read More...]

Take a spiritual journey into the heart of the Arab world and challenge your very own religious convictions - in cinemas [Read More...]

This is how I made it to Netflix
The winner of this year's Sundance Macon Blair answers our dirty questions, and reveals how his unclassifiable and unpronounceable dirty movie ended on your TV set in less than a month! [Read More...]

Without Name
A hypnotic experience that suddenly descends into eco-horror, Lorcan Finnegan's new film will grip you from the very first minute - out in cinemas this weekend [Read More...]

Taxi Driver
If Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver was made today, Travis Bickle would murder burka-clad and Muslim women in general, claims Maysa Monção - the 1976 classic is out in cinemas now [Read More...]

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
This unclassifiable dirty movie won the hearts of audiences at Sundance, and it's shortly coming to Netflix - now it's your turn to see it and decide what you think! [Read More...]

Beatriz at Dinner
Salma Hayek is a Mexican immigrant who exposes the ugly face of the Los Angeles aristocracy, revealing that Trump's wall is already firmly in place - live from Sundance [Read More...]

Call me by Your Name
This modern take on Death in Venice is an emotional, rapturous and sensual queer love story taking place in northern Italy, and it immediately stole the heart of the audience at Sundance - in cinemas [Read More...]

A chameleonic Cate Blanchett delivers a highly unorthodox and inventive history masterclass to cinema-lovers - now on all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

Repeatedly arrested, constantly monitored and unjustly vilified, the living legend Winnie Mandela remains a role model for Black women and human rights campaigners all over the world - at Hot Docs London [Read More...]

Whose Streets?
The angry cry of the unheard: doc gives a voice to the Ferguson rioters, revealing the inconvenient truths omitted by television - right now from the Sundance Film Festival [Read More...]

What would you do if your spouse went, quite literally, barking mad? Deeply provocative film by Scottish filmmaker is out in cinemas [Read More...]

Neither nun nor hoe
Maysa Monção chooses her 10 favourite dirty women in the history of cinema, in an eclectic list full of delicious surprises - she transcends the dichotomy between the passive female and feminism [Read More...]

A Monster Calls
The never-ending sad story: a child find his comfort zone in a fantasy world populated by a very unusual monster - now on Amazon Prime [Read More...]

Are you ready for change?
Are you prepared for 2017? We say that we want change, but we stick to familiar elements, scared of having to adapt. Now it's the time to spill the paint and do something genuinely novel, like Jackson Pollock and Ed Harris! [Read More...]

Ouch, that REALLY hurt!
These 10 directors abused their actors for real - from hair plucking to caning and psychological warfare - in order to elicit more realistic emotions in their film, leaving some of them permanently scarred [Read More...]

The Eagle Huntress
Breaking ranks on the wings of an eagle: the tribal girl who challenged social conventions through one of the most unlikely crafts - out in cinemas now [Read More...]

I Am Not a Serial Killer
Is there a latent murderer inside each one of us? Chilling psychological thriller investigates the profoundly twisted mind of a sociopath, and raises questions about our very own sanity - out in cinemas now! [Read More...]

Psychotic film censors that kill!!!
Mad freedom- and joykillers are on the loose! Bizarre new laws banning "unconventional sex" online are about to be implemented in the UK, a very dangerous weapon in the hands of prudish censors; we look at likely implications for filmmakers, using Cronenberg's Crash as a case study [Read More...]

Lust is a neon sign at the bottom of my heart
The day Francis Ford Coppola made me a woman; it all happened very quickly and in one of the shabbiest and seediest and places imaginable [Read More...]

The land of the free? Here freedom comes at a price! US drama based on novel by Philip Roth juggles religion, sexuality, diversity and coming-of-age in the austere 1950s and questions core American values - out in cinemas now [Read More...]

Gimme Danger
Deliciously dangerous pop: Jim Jarmusch's film about Iggy Pop and the Stooges is far more than your average rockumentary; it's an ingenious, dirty and loud tribute to the artists who sum up the very essence of rock'n roll - out in cinemas on Friday [Read More...]

A United Kingdom
Fake nostalgia or diversity statement? DMovies' writer Maysa Monção thinks that the widely-publicised British period drama about an interracial couple is a thinly-veiled celebration of British Imperialism, and that the social message is secondary [Read More...]

Hello, is it peace you're looking for? Aliens have landed on Earth, and Amy has to decipher their parlance and figure out their intentions, before it's too late - finally available on Netflix [Read More...]

Cool Cats
Still just a cat in a cage: despite all their talent, saxophonists Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon faced a tormented life of addiction, even as they went into self-exile in Denmark - film is part of the Doc'n'Roll Festival taking place right now [Read More...]

Richard Linklater: Dream Is Destiny
The most beautiful incoherence: biopic of the very unusual helmer who forges authentic relations at the expense of the integrity of his movie narratives could change the way you understand cinema - movie is out in cinemas this Friday [Read More...]

Gregory Porter: Don’t Forget Your Music
The everlasting note of jazz: the timeless and often overlooked Gregory Porter just wants to play music forever, whether it's in a toilet or the Royal Albert Hall - in intimate biopic at the Doc'N'Roll Festival next week [Read More...]

Time to wake up! Jim Jarmusch's latest flick is a repetitive and sleepy poem about a bus driver, but sadly the director's distinctive wit and genius are mostly missing. And you may fall asleep during the movie, too. [Read More...]

It’s Only The End of The World (Juste la Fin du Monde)
Who the hell stole my play? Maysa Monção writes a letter to the late French playwright Jean-Luc Lagarce letting him know that Xavier Dolan did a great job adapting his masterpiece to the silver screen; you wouldn't want the poor man rolling in his coffin! Available now on Mubi [Read More...]

The wizard with a sickly body: Oliver Stone's biopic of one of the most subversive minds on earth does not address the political conjecture and notions of patriotism, instead painting a highly romanticised picture of a splendid man with a frail health [Read More...]

Lo and Behold: Reveries of The Connected World
There's blood on the wire! Our internet addiction has horrific and deadly consequences for both mankind and nature; the unforgiving German director conducts brutal and urgent investigation of our dirty digital habits [Read More...]

Manchester by the Sea
As miserable as it gets: tale of a grumpy and cantankerous lonely man excels in its unusual storytelling format, turning an ordinary story of family mishaps into a fascinating movie with a top-drawer cast [Read More...]

Toni Erdmann
Would you like to see my inner beauty? This German comedy about father and daughter with conflicting personalities and lifestyles is a heartwarming and pleasant surprise from a country not often associated with humour - on Mubi on Sunday, June 28th; also available on other VoD platforms [Read More...]

Blue Velvet Revisited
Walking in dreams with David Lynch: doc celebrates the 30th anniversary of one of the most twisted and extraordinary films of the 1980s, with plenty of unforeseen footage and enough to delight the oneiric fans of the American director - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Kills on Wheels (Tiszta Szívvel)
The wrath of the wheelchairs: three Hungarian handicapped men rise against exclusion and prejudice by taking arms... and embracing a life of crime - this comedy-drama out in cinemas this week will derail your notions of disability [Read More...]

A Dark Song
Hello, may I please speak to my dead son? This is no schlock, nail-biting horror, but an emotional trip into the dark secrets of Irish occultism [Read More...]

The Bacchus Lady
The strange lady of South Korea: unlikely motherly bond develops between old prostitute and rejected foreign child as they seek the boy's father - from the London Korean Film Festival [Read More...]

Ma’ Rosa
A rose is a rose is a drug dealer: Filipino mother has to juggle the care for her three children with her meth business, until something goes tremedously awry, and the family has to reverse roles - from Cannes to the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

In Between (Bar Bahar)
Woman to woman: female filmmaker captures the lives of three Palestinian females, in all their glory and also in their struggle between the modern and the traditional, in a story full of compassion and solidarity - on DVD and VoD on January 29th [Read More...]

Memory Exercises (Ejercicios de Memoria)
The American vulture that kills: families in Paraguay are still mourning and healing from the brutal acts and murders carried out as part of the infamous Operation Condor - taut yet tender movie is streaming now with DMovies [Read More...]

American Pastoral
Are wounds of the Newark riots still open? Read our verdict of Ewan McGregor's debut as a director, a film packed with social woes and family taboos [Read More...]

It's NOT a wonderful life: a family reunion can be as pleasurable as a funeral and as controversial as an election debate; Romanian film epitomises the feuds of modern Europe [Read More...]

The Cambridge Squatter (Era o Hotel Cambridge)
The Brazilian melting pot at boiling point: Brazil has a long tradition of welcoming refugees and immigrants from all over the globe; this unusual blend of documentary and fiction exposes the wounds of these people as well as and the woes of the nation in a very urgent moment - showing in London [Read More...]

A punch in the stomach: this film is as unexpected and powerful as the attacks it portrays - read our review of this sobering reflection on terrorism and the shortcomings of social integration in France - right now at the Official Selection of the San Sebastian Film Festival [Read More...]

Film curator for a day!
Rattle the world of cinema: joint initiative by the Barbican and Film London “What London Watches: Ten Films That Shook Our World” gives people like you the opportunity to pick a dirty film for the British capital to see; don't miss the deadline! [Read More...]

When Two Worlds Collide (El Choque de Dos Mundos)
Who are the real savages? Peruvian doc exposes government and police violence against indigenous people, and reveals a cynical and perverse notion of "savagery" - the film is out in cinemas now [Read More...]

The empire of clichés and didacticism: the 2016 3D version of the epic movie is populated with stereotypes, and it is also a thinly-veiled celebration of military belligerence in the Middle East - out in cinemas now [Read More...]

High-rise buildings, kaleidoscopes and slimy stranglers
As the 60th BFI London Film Festival announces its programme, we interview the director 'Free Fire', the Festival's closing film. The British filmmaker Ben Wheatley talks about psychedelia, housing issues and his outrageously greasy connections. [Read More...]

No laughing matter: the very strange business of filming male adolescents tickling each other and then taking control over their lives - doc is out in cinemas on Friday [Read More...]

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land
A robot with profound human feelings: this new doc about Gary Numan reveals the emotionally fragile human being and the ups and downs behind one of Britain's most poignant and innovative pop idols of the 1970s [Read More...]

The Clan (El Clan)
The proud face of torturers in South America: superb thriller reveals the most disturbing side of the most vile and feared zealots of a military dictatorship: they play rugby, dance and mingle with us - Pablo Tropero's latest flick is now in cinemas [Read More...]

Nicolas Roeg: It’s about Time
RIP NICOLAS ROEG, WHO HAS PASSED AWAY AT THE AGE OF 90 - The man who manipulated time and confronted the Brits with sex: watch the history of one of Britain's most subversive filmmakers, who authored 'Performance', 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' and 'Don't Look Now' - the documentary about the now octogenarian filmmaker is available on BBC Player [Read More...]

Sid and Nancy
Furious music, sickly bodies: this classic biopic offers a glimpse into the lives of the boisterous and dysfunctional first couple of punk music, with a fascinating performance from Gary Oldman - the movie is out in cinemas again this Friday [Read More...]

Fists in The Pocket (I Pugni in Tasca)
A fist on the face of the Italian bourgeoisie: Marco Bellochio's early masterpiece has now been restored, and you can now see the real colours of a deeply corrupt social system - from Cinema Rediscovered [Read More...]

Author: The JT LeRoy Story
The author who never was: meet the multiple aliases of author Laura Albert and her literary persona JT LeRoy. By the end of this documentary, you will be even more befuddled by her (or his?) real identity [Read More...]

Crime is Punishment (Kutrame Thandanai)
An eye for a lie: this Indian thriller has elements of Hitchcock and Dostoyevsky, but the moralistic tone prevails over the subversive aspects of the movie - from the London Indian Film Festival [Read More...]

Play it again Sam, it’s been such a long time!
Cinema Rediscovered gives your favourite film classics a new lease of life through painstaking restoration and cinema exhibition; the Italo-British event takes place this month in Bristol [Read More...]

Dirty Yellow Darkness (Premaya Nam)
What if you were scared of your own urine? Documentary about OCD patient in Sri Lanka with a very strange obsession is part of the London Indian Film Festival taking place this week [Read More...]

The Goodbye Kiss of the Spiderman
The bittersweet memories of the day I interviewed Hector Babenco: the Brazilian auteur of 'Pixote', 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' and 'Carandiru' - who died earlier this week - had a very painful sting, just like his movies [Read More...]

Olmo and The Seagull (Olmo e a Gaivota)
Does being a mother make you a better person? This hybrid and very international doc-fiction examines the impact of maternity on a woman's personal life and work, with Chekhov's 'The Seagull' as the backdrop [Read More...]

A Bigger Splash
This modern remake of 1969's Franco-Italian erotic classic 'The Swimming Pool' deep dives into personal rediscovery, adultery and murder in the sunny Italian island of Lampedusa - read our review and win three DVDs or Blu-rays of the movie [Read More...]

Racism in the shadows: John Cassavetes's first film explored the dark corners of American society and exposed cordial racism more than five decades ago - it is now available to watch on DVD, Blu-ray and online [Read More...]

Uncle Howard
The man who filmed William S. Burroughs: documentary rescues the legacy of young, audacious and prematurely silenced filmmaker Howard Brookner, who captured the Beat poet and his fellow writers in an entirely unforeseen way [Read More...]

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape
Where have all the cassette tapes gone? Documentary explores the die-hard world of tape enthusiasts, and dives into a new factory of the obsolete technology in the US - from the East End Film Festival in London [Read More...]

Roundabout in My Head
Cows in a slaughterhouse remain strong and resilient despite their horrific predicament, just like colonised people; this riveting documentary is a very graphic metaphor of European colonisation in Algeria [Read More...]

Helmut Berger, Actor
Luchino Visconti’s muse and lover is now a paranoid septuagenarian recluse, but he remains as manipulative and obstinate as ever - find out more about Helmut Berger's outrageous personality in this documentary at the Open City Documentary Festival [Read More...]

Another Year
Rural, loud, poor and with many children: this is a very intimate and at times disturbing portrait of a side of China very few people are familiar with - showing this week at the Open City Documentary Film Festival [Read More...]

As the EU referendum approaches, our Italo-Brazilian writer Maysa Monção Gabrielli looks at the film 'Influx' - about the Italian migrant community in London - and makes a plea for our readers to vote 'Remain' [Read More...]

The face with two voices
Simone Kirby had to move her body and lips to real conversations recorded in old K7 tapes in the film 'Notes from Blindness', leaving behind her own voice; the result is a major achievement of dramaturgy - read our interview with the Irish actress [Read More...]

Too many people, too much stuff: poor countries fail to control birth rate, while their rich counterparts are unable to manage overconsumption; the Earth pays the price [Read More...]

Notes on Blindness
The register of the unseen - audacious British filmmakers and talented actors team up and reimagine the sightless world of the late John Hull, based K7 on recordings that the blind man made in the 1980s [Read More...]

The Confession
Are Jihadis bloodthirsty loonies or is there a noble side to their mission? This tête-à-tête duel between filmmaker and Muslim warrior has the answer - live now from the Sheffield Doc Fest [Read More...]

Rwanda & Juliet
'Til death do us part: the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet is a metaphor for the Rwandan genocide, and it also offers hope for the orphans of the tragedy - in new documentary right now at the Sheffield Doc Fest [Read More...]

The Music of Strangers: Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble
Make music, not war: what happens when you put together musicians from entirely different cultural, social and political backgrounds? A beautiful explosion of sounds - out in cinemas now! [Read More...]

Michael Moore answers our dirty questions
As the controversial American director hits the UK with his new movie 'Where to Invade Next'. Dirty Movies asks him some bombastic questions about the role of the US in the recent coup d'état in Brazil; he also talks about Corbyn and Brexit [Read More...]

Where You’re Meant to Be
Singer Aidan Moffat takes you a smooth ride through the Scottish landscape to the sound of folk music, reuniting with the ancient traditions of his homeland - in this new documentary out this week [Read More...]

Embrace of the Serpent (El Abrazo de la Serpiente)
Tale of two cultures: this visually astounding and impressively elegant Colombian film portrays the encounter of a German explorer and a lonely indigenous warrior in the depths of the Amazon Jungle - watch it right here and right now! [Read More...]

Life, Animated
What if cinema was the only means of communication between a young boy and the rest of his family? Sobering doc sheds light on the saga of an autistic child who loves Disney - now on Netflix [Read More...]

The Greasy Strangler
How do you bake a dirty movie and become a hit in the UK? Maysa Monção has the exclusive recipe for you [Read More...]

Hazing, drug use, bestiality and many other fraternity passing rituals: this very American college film is a tale of violence and twisted masculinity produced by James Franco - live right now from the Sundance London Film Festival [Read More...]

The dark and cynical genius of Todd Solondz is back, this time in the shape of a canine antihero - but sadly the creature fails to bite the viewers [Read More...]

Morris from America
Is this featurette the American 'The Tin Drum'? Our first review from the Sundance London Film Festival is the heart-rending of an American boy in Germany struggling with the cultural shock and refusing to grow up [Read More...]

I Shot Bi Kidude
One of the oldest singers in the world, and a woman who liberated African music and women rights through her own silent personal revolution - is subject to the eye of a very European documentary-maker [Read More...]

The Measure of a Man (La Loi du Marché)
The split allegiances of the ordinary man: in this new French movie, worker Thierry cannot decide whether to side with undignified coworkers and customers or to embrace the corporate values that earlier almost crushed his life [Read More...]

How much does this girl cost? American production by Emma Thompson exposes the dirty ways of child trafficking in India, to convincing results [Read More...]

Look me in the eyes!!!
When cinema comes to life: talk to a robot about love, war and the universe, jump on a refugee boat and experience life inside a migrant detention centre in the UK - in the Alternate Realities programme of the Sheffield Doc/Fest [Read More...]

Under the red carpet of Cannes
Beyond pomp and circumstance: Dirty Movies lifts the red carpet in Cannes and uncovers the most audacious and promising projects being hatched at the event [Read More...]

Flotel Europa
Bosnian refugees float for years in a makeshift "flotel" on the canals of Copenhagen, in a real-life allegory of Europe's humanitarian disaster - in new documentary made by a refugee [Read More...]

Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art
This mesmerising documentary reveals the little-known American "dirt" artists from the '60s and '70s, who transformed the American deserts and the Earth into a giant canvas - the picture above was captured by helicopter [Read More...]

Save the Ronnie Scott’s of cinema!
The Curzon Soho is much more than a repertoire cinema with an impressive history: it is a meeting point for the gay community, cinema professionals and dirty film lovers; sadly it is now under threat [Read More...]

Men & Chicken (Mænd & Høns)
Chickens don’t have external genitalia, instead they procreate using their cloaca and no penetration is involved - can you do the same? [Read More...]

Icaros: a Vision
Astounding Peruvian fiction movie reveals the sobering side of the increasingly popular hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca - take an exclusive psychedelic trip with DMovies for three evenings only in July 5th-7th [Read More...]

Louder Than Bombs
Motherhood is far more dangerous than being a photographer in a warzone, Isabelle Huppert reveals in new star-studded drama by Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier [Read More...]

Set The Thames on Fire
Would you laugh if London was flooded and your primal instincts became your drive? Set the Thames on Fire is part of LOCO the London Comedy Film Festival [Read More...]

Hot Property
A house to kill for? Hot Property reveals some very unorthodox measures for avoiding eviction - from the London Comedy Film Festival [Read More...]

The Divide
"Wealth is not a dirty word", said Cameron earlier this week in reference to revelations of the Panama Papers; new British documentary reveals that, in reality, It is also gross and stinks [Read More...]

Midnight Special
Not your average sci-fi movie: Jeff Nichols' 'Midnight Special' sheds new light - quite literally - in a very conventional cinema genre, as luminosity drives the movie narrative [Read More...]

The speed and the recklessness of youth captured in just one camera shot of 138 minutes, in impressive new German action flick [Read More...]

Femme Brutal
Lesbian burlesque dancers expose the female body in novel ways, but that’s not for everyone to see - in new Austrian documentary. [Read More...]

The Last Man on The Moon
Are the US the land of the invincible? New documentary about last American astronaut on the Moon does little more than to celebrate the country’s self-conceitedness [Read More...]

Couple in a Hole
Entrancing performances plus a harrowing soundtrack by Portishead's Geoff Barrow make this British film about a couple living in isolation in the Pyrenees a hypnotic experience [Read More...]

In Jackson Heights
The dizzying heights of cultural diversity and a harmoniously disintegrated community of Queens, in New York, are the subject of Frederick Wiseman’s latest movie. [Read More...]

Ka Bodyscapes
How dirty and impure is the human body? Gay men and menstruating women have the answer, in this compelling new drama from India [Read More...]

Welcome to This House
Entering the world of Canadian poet Elizabeth Bishop is as difficult as entering a woman dry, new documentary shows [Read More...]

Little Pieces
Little fragments of happiness do not always add up to a jolly picture [Read More...]

To my Beloved (Para minha Amada Morta)
A Hitchcockesque celebration of death, mourning, betrayal and revenge, in an impressive film by young Brazilian filmmaker [Read More...]

The Here After (Efterskalv)
For how long does a teenage criminal have to suffer and pay for making just one single mistake? [Read More...]

The prison that liberates: Oscar-winning Brie Larson shows that a life in confinement can be freer than a life in liberty [Read More...]

Film as a transformational weapon against war
Filmmakers equip children and adolescents in Iraq with cameras instead of guns, enabling them to shoot from a very different perspective, in a likely unprecedented initiative. Now it’s your turn to do your part [Read More...]

Drained (O Cheiro do Ralo)
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - the politics of sex and of pawning are not always this straight-forward [Read More...]

Can the voice of a woman inspire a man to improve himself and make profound changes to his life? [Read More...]

Neon Bull (Boi Neon)
Even cowboys get the blues: the naked and raw life of Brazilian vaqueiros [Read More...]

Blending documentary, theatre and literature into one large and broad tropical melting pot [Read More...]

United States of Love (Zjednoczone Stany Miłości)
The plain, raw and empty state of women in post-communist Poland unveiled by young Polish director at Berlin Film Festival is out in cinemas on Friday [Read More...]

Miles Ahead
Was he miles ahead of his time? Biopic by Don Cheadle rescues the legacy of late American jazz musician Miles Davis, including little-known aspects of his life as a recluse [Read More...]

Strike a Pose
How do you strike a pose once the lights dim out and stardom vanishes? New documentary about Madonna's dancers examines life after fame [Read More...]

How do you rewrite the same old story? Michael Grandage delivers star-studded piece about reclaiming forgotten writers and editors [Read More...]

The power of the female pudendum: Spike Lee's new film is an adaptation of a Greek comedy to modern-day Chicago, where the local women use their guile and charms in order to restore peace [Read More...]

An Outpost of Progress (Posto Avançado do Progresso)
Portuguese Empire returns to life and conquers new territories in the heart of Germany [Read More...]

Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare)
The borders of Italy are open, and so are the wounds of African immigrants - watch it right now on our website [Read More...]

The Survivalist
What difference a woman makes - can a modern caveman purge his primal instincts without a female counterpart? [Read More...]

The Assassin
Film director and female assassin both take a long and complex journey into maturity in Imperial China [Read More...]

The Second Mother (Que Horas Ela Volta)
The daily saga of domestic workers in Brazil is but an imitation of life [Read More...]

Wolf at the Door (O Lobo atrás da Porta)
The tragedy of a jilted lover, revenge and infanticide [Read More...]

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