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Ian Schultz


A sharp scribe who loves cinema of all sorts, particularly Terry Gilliam

Ian Schultz is a film writer based in Leeds, where he runs Psychotronic Cinema. He has been writing about films for about eight years, with articles and reviews appearing in Little White Lies and LiveForFilms, amongst other places. His favourite director is Terry Gilliam, and he loves science fiction, film noir and surrealist films, as well as offbeat Westerns and black comedies. He doesn’t discriminate, though, he can find something in any genre that he likes.

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Other posts by Ian Schultz
Daniel Waters answers our dirty questions
Just as Tim Burton's iconic Batman Returns marks its 30-year anniversary with a very large theatrical release in the UK, Ian Schultz speaks to the filthy mind behind the film [Read More...]

Directed by photographer Lilly Creightmore, this greasy documentary takes you on a psychedelic voyage into the lives of a handful of artists, landing in the US, the UK, Iceland, and South Africa - from the Doc'n Roll Film Festival [Read More...]

The Mojo Manifesto: The Life and Times of Mojo Nixon
The wild life of cowpunk musician Mojo Nixon is the subject of a rockumentary far more conventional than its subject - from the Doc'n Roll Film Festival [Read More...]

Two men, very little CGI and a lot of imagination!
Ian Schultz talks to Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney, the directors of STRAWBERRY MANSION, about Terry Gilliam, John Waters, Jan Svankmajer, how to make a film with very few sets, and much more! [Read More...]

Strawberry Mansion
A dream auditor gets caught up in the network of dreams of an elderly client - quirky American sci-fi with a touch of Terry Gilliam is in cinemas now [Read More...]

This Much I Know To Be True
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis's creative relationship reaches its pinnacle during the pandemic, their interaction gently captured by Andrew Dominik - now also available on Mubi [Read More...]

Deep Water
After a 20-year hiatus, British director Adrian Lyne returns to the silver screen with a satisfactory erotic thriller, not dissimilar to the titles that made him famous decades earlier - on Prime Video on Friday, March 18th [Read More...]

Meet me in the Bathroom
Twenty years ago in New York, a new generation of artists provided the world with firm evidence that rock'n roll in not dead - in cinemas on Friday, March 10th [Read More...]

Something in the Dirt
American duo team up behind and in front of the camera in order to create a deliberately messy genre-bender about bizarre spectres and even stranger conspiracy theories - from Sundance [Read More...]

Cha Cha Real Smooth
Dakota Johnson stars in a sweet little comedy with all the right ingredients thrown in in order to please the Sundance crowds [Read More...]

A modern-day slave breaks free from a Georgian plantation and seeks revenge on her oppressors, in a movie drawing inspiration from Tarantino and Blaxploitation - from the Sundance Film Festival [Read More...]

Emily the Criminal
Quick-paced and tense crime thriller starring an Aubrey Plaza at the top of her game enraptures the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Nightmare Alley
Guillermo del Toro's new film is completely rooted in a brutal noir reality, and it feels like it was indeed made 80 years ago - now on all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones star in this refreshing modern-day dating fable with a very creepy (and scrumptious!!!) genre twist - from the Sundance Film Festival [Read More...]

Riley Stearns’s third movie is a continuation of the deadpan style of his earlier work, with a dystopian sci-fi twist; it stars Karen Gillian and Aaron Paul - from the Sundance Film Festival [Read More...]

After Yang
A couple scrambles to fix their android babysitter, to whom they have become strangely connected in more ways than one - enrapturing sci-fi tale starring Colin Farrell shows at Sundance [Read More...]

Licorice Pizza
Teenage boy meets young woman and they embark on a number of adventures across California and New York, in Paul Thomas Anderson latest paean to the 1970s - on all major VoD platforms on Friday, April 1st [Read More...]

The Beta Test
A Hollywood agent struggles to navigate the post-#MeToo film industry, in Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe's ambitious yet poorly structured new movie - now available on VoD [Read More...]

The Tragedy of Macbeth
In a rare solo outing as director and writer, Joel Coen draws upon on the lineage of Macbeth on screen, particularly the Orson Welles version, while putting his own unique stamp on it - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

The Velvet Underground
One of the greatest music acts of all times gets the Todd Haynes treatment; the outcome is a fitting tribute as revolutionary as the band - now on VoD [Read More...]

The French Dispatch
Wes Anderson's star-studded anthology film is a complex and delightful ode to journalism, and it may require a few viewings in order to unpack all the references - on most VoD platforms on Monday, February 14th [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Edgar Wright
The British director of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and BABY DRIVER talks about his first ever documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS - in exclusive interview [Read More...]

Bye Bye Morons (Adieu les Cons)
Delightful and quirky French movie about mother on a quest to find her son topped the Césars earlier this year and has abundant references to Terry Gilliam - in cinemas on Friday, July 23rd; also available on Curzon Home Cinema [Read More...]

Deerskin (Le Daim)
One man's obsession with his designer jacket turns him into a serial killer, in this dirtylicious black comedy starring a smiling Jean Dujardin - on VoD on Monday, September 27th [Read More...]

Martin Eden
Lose your soul with Luca Marinelli, in this impressive Italian drama about one man's futile quest for happiness - on VoD on Friday, August 13th [Read More...]

The Trial of the Chicago 7
A group of anti-Vietnam War protesters is charged with conspiracy, in this effective yet watered-down historical drama - now on Netflix [Read More...]

Sound of Metal
Deep dive into the headspace of a metal drummer gone deaf, in this finely crafted American drama with an impressive sound design - in cinemas and VoD [Read More...]

I Blame Society
Feminist horror comedy made on a shoestring budget is is a savage stake into the heart of faux-woke Hollywood - on Digital on Monday, April 19th [Read More...]

Promising Young Woman
Ian Schultz explains why the promising British movie isn't as groundbreaking and subversive as it purports to be - on Sky Cinema on Friday, April 16th [Read More...]

Jakob’s Wife
Horror veteran Barbara Crampton plays a small-town minister's wife who reclaims her appetite for life upon becoming a vampire - on VoD on Thursday, August 19th [Read More...]

Swan Song
Udo Kier shines as a flamboyant queen in her twilight years in a small American town, in this endearing drama loosely based on a real story - now on BFI Player and Amazon Prime [Read More...]

Alien on Stage
A group of bus drivers from Dorset (yes, you read that right) ditch Christmas panto in favour of Ridley Scott's Alien, with chestburster et al - British documentary premiered at SXSW [Read More...]

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché
The fascinating life of frontwoman for the British the punk rock band X-Ray Spex is the subject of this documentary, directed by the singer's own daughter - available on all major VoD platforms [Read More...]

Take a lengthy look at the career of Kevin Smith, the charismatic and upbeat director of the highly successful indie comedy Clerks - from SXSW [Read More...]

The Sparks Brothers
"The Best British band to come out of the US" have an impressive career spanning five decades, and this rockumentary gives the eccentric duo just the right treatment - in cinemas on Friday, July 30th [Read More...]

Creation Stories
Biopic of Alan McGee, the co-founder of Creation Records who changed the face of British music, is just as messed up as the man it portrays - on Sky Cinema on Friday, March 19th [Read More...]

Silk Road
The internet's first unregulated marketplace becomes rife with illicit drugs, in the real-life story of the young and idealistic Ross Ulbricht - on VoD on Monday, March 22nd [Read More...]

He Dreams of Giants
Two documentarists register Terry Gilliam's own Quixotic quest during the completion of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, revealing a resolute yet fallible artist - on VoD on Monday, March 29th [Read More...]

A light-skinned black woman "passes" as white, in this quiet and impressive drama about the complexities of racial identity - on Netflix on Friday, November 12th [Read More...]

Judas and the Black Messiah
American biographical drama of African American activist is a rock-solid political crime drama, and it will make you indignant of the actions of the FBI - on VoD on Thursday, March 11th [Read More...]

Prisoners of the Ghostland
A criminal is enlisted to rescue the governor's granddaughter from a possibly supernatural place, in crime thriller starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Japanese filmmaker - in cinemas Friday, September 17th [Read More...]

In the Earth
Ben Wheatley's pandemic movie is a low-cost, lysergic and disorientating horror flick, cementing the Brighton-based director as one of the most imaginative filmmakers of Britain - live from Sundance [Read More...]

Just as he is writing 'Citizen Kane', Herman J. Mankiewicz takes a dirty look at the manipulative ways of Hollywood - biographical drama starring Gary Oldman is on Netflix and selected cinemas on Friday, December 4th [Read More...]

The second feature by David Cronenberg's son is a terrifying and psychedelic sci-fi starring Andrea Riseborough, and one of the best films of the year - now also available on Shudder [Read More...]

Oddball American comedy is so intoxicated in its own quirkiness that it fails to enrapture and elicit laughter - on Sky Cinema and NOW on Saturday, June 12th [Read More...]

X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes
More than half century later, dirty classic remains a profound meditation the dangers of seeking the unknowable, and the destruction of the human psyche - out now on a crisp Blu-ray edition, and also available for streaming [Read More...]

The suburbs have never been this terrifying before, in this Irish sci-fi thriller starring indie double act Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots - on VoD on Friday, March 27th [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Bernard Rose
Ian Schultz interviews the 59-year-old English filmmaker and screenwriter, who has a career spanning nearly 40 years and a brand new Samurai movie! [Read More...]

Dolemite is my Name
Eddie Murphy at the top of his game stars in the biopic of deeply subversive blaxploitation star from the 1970s - on Netflix on Friday, October 25th, and also in selected cinemas [Read More...]

Tilting at windmills in Paris
Ian Schultz explains why THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE is Terry Gilliam's best film since BRAZIL, and that it was worth crossing the Channel overnight and by bus in order to watch it! [Read More...]

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