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David Stewart

Writer and teacher

Professor of film studies in New England

David Stewart is an American teacher of Film and Media Studies at Plymouth State University, in New Hampshire (US).

When he’s not teaching, he’s a contributing writer for

His film credits include Marielle Heller’s The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) and Amy Scott’s documentary Hal (2018).

He lives outside of Boston with his family and box set of BBC comedies – don’t ask him to lend you Blackadder.

His Instagram and Twitter handle are both @filmnerddave.

Other posts by David Stewart
La Haine
American writer David Stewart draws parallels between systemic police brutality in France and his home country, just as 4k 25th anniversary edition of the dirty classic hits cinemas (on Friday, September 11th) [Read More...]

Message Man
A dispassionate Australian hitman embarks on a killing spree in Indonesia, in a film riddled with bullets, predictable tropes and cliches - on VoD on Monday, August 17th [Read More...]

The Mark Jenkin Collection
The four short films that preceded BAIT are equally profound, inventive and imbued with Britishness as the dirty classic that astounded critics and audiences alike last year - on VoD no Monday, August 3rd [Read More...]

Last and First Men
Jóhann Jóhannsson’s first and last film as director is a sublime, haunting and meditative look at the self in an ever-changing world, narrated by Tilda Swindon's entrancing voice - out on Thursday, July 30th [Read More...]

American Fighter
A Persian teen grappling with racism and an ailing mother in Ronald Reagan's US earns money through wrestling, in this poorly crafted and reheated pastiche of filmic styles - out on Monday, July 20th [Read More...]

Lynn + Lucy
In Fyzal Boulifa’s directorial debut, the relationship between two high school friends and neighbours is tested when motherhood comes into view - British drama is on Digital from Thursday, July 2nd [Read More...]

You Don’t Nomi
Documentary delivers a unique and close-to-convincing argument over why Paul Verhoeven's SHOWGIRLS is the greatest film that almost everyone hated - on Mubi on Saturday, April 16th; also available on other platforms [Read More...]

Aspiring astronaut converts his council block into a spaceship in order to save it from impending demolition, in impressive French feature debut - on Mubi in January 2022; also available on other platforms [Read More...]

In his second film, Swedish director Magnus von Horn presents a decadent, depraved and suspenseful look at celebrity and fandom - on VoD on Monday, August 23rd; on Mubi on Friday, September 17th [Read More...]

Babylon has risen!
American writer David Stewart draws pertinent parallels between the dirty British classic Babylon and the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly the emblematic moment when a BLM activist carried a wounded white supremacist to safety [Read More...]

There will be bloods!
As Spike Lee releases his latest movie Da 5 Bloods, about four black veterans returning to Vietnam in search of the remains of a friend, David Stewart investigates the troublesome relation between African Americans and Hollywood [Read More...]

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