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Dan Meier


London-based journalist, critic and film obsessive who loves horror movies

Alongside writing reviews for DMovies and The Upcoming, he co-runs the review site Screen Goblin and music blog Jazz Impressions, where you can find him raving about Wes Craven and Wes Montgomery respectively. When he isn’t watching films, listening to jazz or playing the drums and guitar, Dan is usually on Twitter making fun of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop.

Other posts by Dan Meier
Don’t Look Up
The satirical disaster movie will not convert conspiracy theorists, but instead serve as evidence that Hollywood is indeed a propaganda machine; its aspirations are as inflated as the director's ego - in cinemas and also on Netflix [Read More...]

My Sunny Maad
A young European woman marries an Afghan man and moves to Kabul to start a family, only to clash with the cultural customs - Czech animation premiered at Raindance. [Read More...]

The Welder
American indie horror about a mixed-race couple who fall prey to a mad scientist draws device from Jordan Peele's GET OUT, but never reaches the same heights - from Raindance [Read More...]

White Noise
Documentarist get skin-crawlingly close to three alt-right figureheads, revealing how their white supremacist views moved from the fringe to the mainstream - from Raindance [Read More...]

A real-life Covid denialist embarks on a vehicular hell trip in order to escape "madness", in this strange blend of found footage and screenlife horror - from the BFI London Film festival [Read More...]

Talk about a dirty movie; sex and violence abound in Paul Verhoeven’s lesbian nun odyssey, loosely based on a real-life story - on Mubi on Friday, July 1st [Read More...]

Ali & Ava
Clio Barnard's new drama illustrates the contrasts, the conflicts and also the joys of a multiracial couple in Bradford - on all major VoD platforms on Monday, May 23rd [Read More...]

Belgian voyeuristic thriller excels in cinematography, while also slipping into worn-out cliches of women and mental illness - from the BFI London Film Fstival [Read More...]

Babi Yar. Context
The enfant terrible of Ukrainian cinema crafts a historical documentary raising questions about Jews erased from history and complacence - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

The disturbed mind of man driven mad by guilt on a ravaged island unspools like reams of wool, in this atmospheric British horror - from the BFI London Film Festival [Read More...]

Andrea Arnold seeks pastures green in this genuinely mooo-ving documentary about the cruel routine of milk cow Luna - on all major VoD platforms on Friday, March 11th [Read More...]

The Djinn
Mute boy is trapped in a flat with a shapeshifting Arab entity, in this surprisingly creative, low-budget American horror - in cinemas Friday, September 17th [Read More...]

British horror about a woman whose childhood demons come back to haunt her excels in photography, while making too many genre concessions - from FrightFest [Read More...]

The Changed
Horror legend Tony Todd stars in drama blending a pandemic with an alien invasion, inspired by American sci-fi classic Invasion of Body Snatchers - from FrightFest [Read More...]

The Exorcism of Carmen Farias
Despite strong production values, this Mexican haunted house horror is simply too predictable to be entertaining - from FrightFest [Read More...]

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It
FrightFest’s first ever entry from Kazakhstan is a splatter flick with the title and setup of a screwball comedy. [Read More...]

This sci-fi horror about a man forced to spend the night with a very unusual married couple has more twists and turns than Lord of the Rings - from FrightFest [Read More...]

The Sadness
A viral pandemic turns the infected into bloodthirsty zombies, in this Taiwanese horror with abundant blood and limited vision - from FrightFest [Read More...]

No Man of God
Sentenced to death by electrocution, serial killer Ted Bundy continues to manipulate the media, prosecutors and his own counsel up until the bitter end - crime drama starring Elijah Wood shows at FrightFest [Read More...]

A jungle cruise turns upside down in more ways than one, in this psychedelic eco-horror from South Africa - in cinemas on Friday, September 24th [Read More...]

Broadcast Signal Intrusion
Genres collide in this paranoid, pacey picture about a grief-stricken video archivist, loosely based on true events - in cinemas on Friday, March 25th [Read More...]

Jazz on a Summer’s Day
The seminal concert movie breezes back into cinemas six decades later with a shiny 4K facelift - out on Friday, August 27th [Read More...]

Fans of Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day movies might enjoy his new horror/comedy Freaky; everyone else will find it more than a little creaky - in cinemas now [Read More...]

The sombre and twisted comedy-crime classic has now just received a 25-anniversary commemorative reissue, and it feels as pristine as fresh blood on white snow - in selected cinemas and also on VoD [Read More...]

Robert Altman’s 1975 masterpiece is given a 4K re-release in all its subversive, satirical glory, as sharp and defiant now as when it first opened during the USA’s Bicentennial. But Nashville is no celebration; it charts the hypocrisy and tragedy not only of the music business, but America at large - in cinemas from Friday, June 25th [Read More...]

After Love
A widow poses a cleaner in order to penetrate the intimacy of her late husband's secret family, in a British drama about heritage, religion and fractured identity - on VoD on Sunday, August 22nd [Read More...]

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet (El Perro que no Calla)
Argentinean drama about an unruly dog, a meteor and a fishbowl helmet blends surrealism with deadpan to impressive results - on all major VoD platforms on Monday, July 26th [Read More...]

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