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Our dirty questions to Ziad and Christine
Victoria Luzford interviews Ziad H. Hamzeh and Christine Handy, the director and original writer/ exec producer of Hello Beautiful, an emotionally compelling drama about successful model, her mother, and a life-changing diagnosis [Read More...]

One city, one planet, many films
Marina Hillquist investigates the environmental impact of film production, and reveals how Gainesville (a city in Florida, United States) is leading the way [Read More...]

The cinematic evolution of videogames
Tania Dickson looks back at the fairly young history of video games and unearths some uncanny similarities and affinities with the seventh art [Read More...]

The influence of casino culture on Hollywood
Marina Hillquist investigates the recent history of casinos in mainstream cinema, and reveals the achievements, the challenges and also the dark side of gambling in film [Read More...]

Cheryl’s favourite dirty movies
Our young reader Cheryl Cooper selects six dirty films of various genres that allow for a very intense, memorable cinema experience [Read More...]

How to plan a movie-themed casino night
Nash Raymond offers some sizzling advice to all of those who wish to throw an incredible part combining your favourite movie characters and the casino [Read More...]

Dirty WW2 movies that made a mark in history
Mariano Garcia remembers three very different movies that used the biggest conflict known to mankind as a backdrop and a device for change [Read More...]

The Top 10 hottest summer movies
We have picked 10 dirty movies bursting with beauty and passion, as well as pain and anger, all of them taking place under the unforgiving summer sun [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Gabriel Mayo
Paul Risker interviews the director of A Weird Kind of Beautiful, a very dark drama about friendship; they talk about single location stories, the pandemic, improvisation, misogyny, and much more - read our exclusive interview [Read More...]

Cinema’s dirtiest anti-heroes: the characters you love to hate
Paola Christensen investigates the complex psychology of the most equally reviled and cherished characters in the history of cinema, and concludes that the line between good and evil is wafer-thin [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to the two-hearted filmmakers
Victoria Luxford interviews Rory McHarg and Bret Miller, the two directors of A Two Hearted Tale, a colourful documentary about a peculiar beer label and a heartwarming local story [Read More...]

A long hard road of grit and glee
As Queen Priscilla turns 30, Lobo Pasolini looks back at the queer classic that combined comedy, splendour and tragedy, and changed the history of cinema [Read More...]

Games for lovers of genre cinema
Mariano Garcia investigates the connection between genre film and genre games, while also revealing the most important creations in each category [Read More...]

No film lovers on their underwear: our verdict of the 58th edition of Karlovy Vary
For the first time, DMovies' editor Victor Fraga attends the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the last one of the large European festivals on his list; these are the winners, our dirty picks, and impressions [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Mark Cousins
DMovies's editor Victor Fraga interviews Irish director Mark Cousins at Karlovy Vary, where he showcases his latest creation at the Crystal Globe Competition; they talk about the relationship between painting and the moving image, playing films backwards, neurodiversity as a catalyst for creativity, tattoos, the new UK PM, Palestine, and more [Read More...]

Two sides of the same coin?
Using Deborah Correa's The War Between as a case study, Joshua Polanski reflects about the dangers of bothsideism, the gaze of the white man, and romanticising soldiers [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Agnieszka Holland (second time around)
Agnieszka Holland talks about her latest film Green Border, the corruption of European politics, the hyper-escalation of violence, shooting in black and white, and much more - read our exclusive interview [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jethro Waters
Eoghan Lyng interviews the director of Gunfighter Paradise, an intriguing drama set in a very trigger-happy US; they talk the Coen Brothers, pro-gun ammunition, anti-gun artillery, religion and much more - read our exclusive interview [Read More...]

Our verdict of the 2nd Mediterrane Film Festival
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga attended the nascent and promising film festival of Malta; he describes his experience, lists the winners and his dirty picks [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jaione Camborda
Live from the Mediterranean Film Festival: DMovies' editor Victor Fraga interviews the Spanish director of The Rye Horn, the dark and visceral sorority tale that won the latest edition of San Sebastian [Read More...]

Casino stories turned into dirty movies: fact versus fiction
Marina Hillquist reveals how Hollywood blends fact and fiction in casino movies based on true events, while also exploring the real stories these classics [Read More...]

From the screen to the casino floor: the movies that question gambling
Paola Christensen takes a brutally honest look at some of the most important gambling films in the history of cinema, revealing both the allure and the dangers of the game [Read More...]

Movies would not be the same with cryptocurrency
A bribe, a show of power, a target for a heist: Mariano Garcia remembers the dirty movies where money plays a prominent roles, and asks what cinema would be like if cryptocurrency became the norm [Read More...]

Our lowdown on the 23rd edition of Tiff Romania
For the third consecutive year, DMovies attends one of the largest and most exciting film celebrations of Eastern Europe; check out our dirty picks, the winners, and also our questions to the Festival founder and President Tudor Giurgiu [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jay Liu
Eoghan Lyng interviews the director of Anywhere the Wind Blows, a ":punchy" and queer love story from Hong Kong; they talk about LGBTQ+ ideologies in the Chinese region, the "guilt of comfort experienced by refugees, Joachim Trier, Robin Campillo, and more! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Simone Baumann
Just as Raindance kicks off with a special celebration of German cinema, we talk to the Managing Director of German Films about the past, the present and the future of movies from the largest country in Europe [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Christian Friedel
DMovies' editor Victor Fraga interviews one of the most talented German actors of the present day as he arrives in the UK for a very special celebration of German cinema, during the 32nd edition of Raindance; they talk about The White Ribbon, The Zone of Interest, scripted dialogues, spontaneity, combining a film career with music, and much more [Read More...]

Humanising the Western: our dirty questions to Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen, in an exclusive interview with DMovies talks about his sophomore feature, The Dead Don't Hurt, a very peculiar Western about an immigrant romance; he also discusses masculinity, sound, working with Vicky Krieps, and much more [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Marcus Vetter
Paul Risker interviews Marcus Vetter, co-director of War and Justice, a documentary about the International Criminal Court (ICC), from Nuremberg to theatres of war in Ukraine and Palestine; they discuss international accountability, the complexity of a global court, arrest warrants, "innocence", transformative filmmaking and much more [Read More...]

The Top 5 dirtiest James Bond casino moments
Our writer Paola Christensen looks at half a century of James Bond movies and unearths some of the luckiest and most unbelievable casino moments exclusively for you! [Read More...]

Three thought-provoking sci-fi movies that gave us a real glimpse into the future
Mariano Garcia selects three thought-provoking sci-fi movies that allow us to glimpse into a dirty future, with many bizarre ramifications (particularly AI) widely seen in our very present [Read More...]

Furiosa could lead to an influx of post-apocalyptic content 
Martin Escribador suggests that the latest entry to the Mad Max franchise will have a widespread impact far beyond the film industry, in many other fields of entertainment [Read More...]

The superpower of dirty film angles
Mariano Garcia argues that camera angles are a fundamental weapon in a film producer’s arsenal, and he uses four classic examples in order to support his bombastic argument [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Jonas Trueba
Ukrainian movie critic Nataliia Serebriakova interviews the Spanish director behind the happy-go-divorce drama The Other Way Around, which premiered in Cannes last month; they talk about his career, the good side of separations, a lesson that he learnt from his filmmaking father, making low-budget films, and more! [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Letter C: Chinatown
A private investigator with a nose for trouble swaps tailing cheating spouses for a murder investigation - Roman Polanski's Neo-noir about a cruel rendezvous with destiny is the fourth entry of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

How about a deep dive into Mediterranean film?
The 2nd edition of the Mediterrane Film Festival boasts an exciting combination of regional and international cinema, and - with the action taking place in a sultry Malta in late June - the event is guaranteed to get hot in more ways than one! [Read More...]

Raindance keeps getting younger – just how do they do that???
As the 32nd edition of the UK's favourite indie film festival approaches, we look at their impressive programme, and discuss with their team their focus on first and second features, the move to a sultry June, and much more! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
Paul Risker interviews the woman behind A Home on Every Floor, a movie blending the spoken work and a miniature childhood home; they discuss the housing topic in cinema, economic inequality in Norway, subjective memories, transformative filmmaking, and a lot more [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to the Mexican dreamer
Eoghan Lyng interviews Laura Plancarte, the director of "tactile" documentary Mexican Dream; they talk about making observational cinema, challenging European misconceptions of Mexico, gratitude towards #MeToo, and much more [Read More...]

Our verdict of the 77th Festival de Cannes
Two dirty journalists attended the 77th edition of the Festival de Cannes and reviewed more than 50 films exclusively for you; this is what they thought of the big winners, of the films that missed out, and also of the turkeys! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Sarah Young
John McDonald interviews Sarah Young, the director of the deceptive "perfectly married couple" movie Not Him; they talk about domestic violence, the paranormal as a horror device, her upcoming comedy horror series, and a lot more [Read More...]

The top 6 grittiest Las Vegas-themed movies
The glitz, glam and the allure of Sin City also make for a great location for some of the grittiest movies. Our reader Mariano Garcia picks the top dirtiest movies set in the largest city of Nevada, and the list includes some surprising entries! [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Deborah Correa and Ron Yungul
The director and the writer/exec producer of The War Between, a brand new Civil War drama about two frenemy soldiers from opposing sides, discuss the origins and the challenges of the project with Joshua Polanski [Read More...]

Paul’s 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time – Letter B: The ‘Burbs
Mysterious new neighbours set paranoia loose in a peaceful cul-de-sac, as grown men let their inner child out to play - wacky American comedy is the third one of Paul's 27 Dirtiest Movies of All Time [Read More...]

Poor Things where you never expected!
Our reader Pedro Garcia came across Yorgos Lanthimos's dirty movie Poor Things in a very unexpectedly clean place: Disney Plus; he shares his thoughts about the peculiar experience [Read More...]

The 4 dirtiest love scenes in 50 Shades of Grey
Our reader Mariana Hallquist dissects the controversial sexual psychothriller from 2015, and reveals the steamy, the unexpected and the downright filthy scenes (including their timecode!) [Read More...]

Will The Wolf Man be the dirtiest werewolf movie ever made?
A reboot for the 1941 dirty classic is due next year, and it is set to feature Christopher Abbott in the starring role - but will it exceed the original? [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Hamoody Jaafar
Paul Risker interviews the director of a basketball documentary that transports viewers to the front seat of the stadium; they talk about serendipities, racial politics in segregated Michigan, cinema as a transformational experience, fatherhood, and much more! [Read More...]

My Top 5 dirtiest arthouse movies
Mariano Garcia picks the five dirtiest non-mainstream flicks that have shaken him to the core, and helped him to reevaluate the film experience as a whole - every student should watch and analyse these movies [Read More...]

Our dirty questions to Shaun Dozier
The director of The Problem of the Hero, a drama about two American playwrights grappling with racism and misogyny 80 years ago, discusses the deceptive language of theatre, steering away from the "truth", the importance of "offending" viewers, how power relations have changed, and much more - in exclusive interview [Read More...]