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DMovies is a platform-agnostic site connecting audiences with filmmakers. Founded in February 2016, we are a social enterprise in the media sector straddling over many areas. Our objective is to promote audacious and innovative cinema from all corners of the planet.

We have an enthusiastic and fast-growing team of cinema professionals with a varied skills portfolio. They are journalists, film directors, event producers, curators, video artists, entrepreneurs, publishers and much more. You can find out about our growing network of workers and contributors, their experience and their individual aspirations in our profile section.

Our website includes film reviews, in-depth articles, interviews, a detailed events calendar as well as the professional profiles mentioned above. Our content is entirely generated in-house by a team of experienced writers. We publish entirely fresh and original content every day Monday to Friday, and sometimes at the weekend. We attend key selected cinema events in other countries, where we select the dirtiest films and engage with the most diverse, exciting and creative film professionals of all types. They include the Berlin, Cannes and Venice, the three largest in Europe, and sometimes we cross the pond to Sundance, Tribeca and Toronto..

We also run marketing campaigns, organise screenings and film festivals.

Our office is in London, but we have contributors in many countries. We believe that cinema is global, and we want to help film companies everywhere to showcase their work to a very broad and international audience.

London is a very vibrant city and an international cinema hub with more than 400 movie theatres, 500 independent film producers and 120 film distributors. We are currently building a relationship with many of these organisations in order to create a solid platform for dirty films in the British capital and elsewhere. The city is also home to people from virtually every country in the world, speaking in excess of 300 languages, and we leverage this diversity on our website.

Get in touch now whether you are a dirty film professional or a dirty cinema lover!

  • Please submit press releases, pitches for articles and reviews to
  • If you have an event which you think should be on our calendar, a professional profile, or for anything else, please write to us at
  • Or if you want do advertise with us, just e-mail us at

Alternatively, you can phone us at +44 (0) 7470 221 199.

Dirty Movies Ltd was incorporated in the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales under number 10210042 on June 1st, 2016.

We hope you join us in a long journey to rediscover cinema and that you enjoy it, too.

Talk to you soon!

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