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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

At DMovies we believe that cinema is are much more than mere entertainment. Movies are a engagement and transformational tool that helps people to think and bring about positive change in many spheres. They can help individuals to promote individual development in their personal life, as well as communities to reassert their identify, and even political systems to legitimise their ideology, and to improve their social and economic strength.

We are very political. DMovies is a liberal-thinking organisation and our principles are in line with many British and international values. We support diversity, equality (equal representation), democracy, human rights and social inclusion. We are strongly opposed to racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, religious intolerance or any type of discrimination, as well as authoritarian regimes, war and abuse of human and animal rights.

Cinema from marginalised communities and unsung artists are particularly prominent at DMovies because we want to give a voice to those who are never or sometimes only faintly heard. This includes LBGT, black, disabled, immigrants, refugees, religious minorities and many other groups. We do not, of course, discriminate against larger and more mainstream groups, as long as their work has a noble, innovative and audacious purpose.

Our mission is to create a platform to exhibit, to discuss and to promote courageous, audacious and innovative cinema made in all corners of the planet as broadly as possible, helping movies to inspire and bring about individual and social change to cinema professionals, cinema lovers and their respective communities.

In addition to our mission, we have a number of smaller and ad hoc objectives, Below are some examples:

* To uncover niche audiences in countries with limited cinema access. We already have a large following in diverse developing countries such as India, Nigeria, Tunisia, Angola and Indonesia.

* To create bridges between unlikely audience. For example, an article about “muches” in Mexico (transsexuals) generated traffic and interest amongst LGBT militants in Thailand entirely spontaneously through our website and Facebook.

* To engage passionate activists. We recently published an article about horror aesthetics of animals in cinema, which was very well received amongst vegans and animal rights activists. We have also taken a firm stand against the coup d’├ętat in Brazil, and a piece about a British documentary about the role of the media in Brazilian politics was widely circulated in Brazil and the world.

* To reach out to children, refugees and immigrants, amongst other marginalised community, and to help to promote their cause. An article entitled “Cinema as a Transformational Weapon against War” discussed children making film in a refugee camp.

* To give a voice to unsung talents. Our dirty profiles enable artists with little visibility, as well as more establish ones, to reach out to broad audiences everywhere in the world.

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