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Our dirty ratings

Our dirty ratings

The taxonomy that we use at DMovies is truly unique: no one else rates films the same way as we do.

Instead of looking at the artistic merit or level of entertainment, like most film media do, we look at the level of “dirt” in a film in classify it according to the illustration below. We call that the dirty factor. Instead of using “stars”, we use a “splat” system.

We tend to give movie high splat-ratings (three and above) because we like to pick the dirtiest movies for you, but occasionally a “cleaner” flick falls on our radar. A film with a low splat-rating is not necessarily a bad film. It just means that it has fewer innovative, ground-breaking or subversive elements, and that it is probably more formulaic and conformist. At Dirty Movies, we value the often overlook qualities of film.

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