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Our Audience

Our Audience

DMovies‘ website has more than 90,000 monthly users, and we also have more than 190,000 enthusiastic followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, and we are going incredibly fast. We also have a weekly newsletter with a robust 25,000 subscribers. You can view a sample of our newsletter by clicking here.

Some of the key facts and figures are listed below

  • We have readers in more than 90 countries, 40% of which are based in the UK;
  • This includes producers, distributors, exhibitors, independent filmmakers and film lovers everywhere;
  • 55% are male and 45% are female;
  • 45% are aged 25-35 years;
  • 59% of our traffic is on mobile devices, 12% tablets and 29% desktops/ laptops;
  • Their interests typically include “art cinema”, “documentary”, national film movements, social and political causes (such as “animal rights”, “fight homophobia”, “equality marriage”, etc); and
  • A sophisticated audience with a high purchasing power as well as marginalised communities with fewer resources and yet a large appetite for cinema and novel ways to watch and engage with cinema

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