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Mariano Garcia investigates the connection between genre film and genre games, while also revealing the most important creations in each category

TFor movie enthusiasts, video games offer an immersive experience that goes beyond passive watching. With advancements in technology and storytelling, games have become a rich medium for narrative exploration. If you’re a movie lover, you should try these genres.


Interactive drama

Interactive drama games blur the line between films and video games, offering players the chance to influence the storyline through their choices. These games often feature cinematic graphics, complex characters, and emotionally engaging plots. A prime example is Heavy Rain, where players control multiple characters in a tense, intertwining narrative about a serial killer. Similarly, Detroit: Become Human explores themes of artificial intelligence and free will, with every decision shaping the outcome of the story. For fans of emotionally charged films, interactive dramas provide a hands-on way to experience similar storytelling.


The action-adventure genre is a perfect match for those who love high-octane action films. Games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider combine thrilling action sequences with intricate puzzles and exploration. These games often feature breathtaking set pieces and cinematic storytelling, making players feel like they’re part of an epic blockbuster. The balance of combat, exploration, and narrative elements creates an engaging experience that rivals the best action movies.

Role-Playing Games (RPGs) Role-playing games offer expansive worlds and deep narratives that can captivate players for hours. RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth are renowned for their rich storytelling and character development. These games allow players to make meaningful choices that affect the game world and its inhabitants, similar to the way plot twists and character arcs unfold in films. For fans of epic sagas and character-driven stories, RPGs provide a perfect blend of narrative depth and interactive gameplay.

Online casino games

Online casino games provide a thrilling virtual alternative for those who enjoy the excitement and suspense of gambling-themed movies like Casino Royale (Martin Campbell, 2006) or Ocean’s Eleven (Steven Soderbergh; pictured at the top of this article). These games range from poker and blackjack to slots and roulette, offering a variety of experiences that mimic the atmosphere of a real casino. Games such as PokerStars or Blackjack 21 allow players to compete against others around the world, adding an element of social interaction and competition. There are lots of options when it comes to online gambling websites, just make sure that you choose a trusted site to play on and always gamble within your means.


Horror movies have a dedicated fanbase, and horror games take the terror to another level by immersing players in the chilling atmosphere. Games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill are

legendary for their ability to scare and thrill. The interactive nature of these games, where players must navigate through terrifying environments and face horrifying creatures, makes the experience even more intense than watching a horror film. For those who enjoy a good scare, horror games offer an unparalleled experience.

Mystery and thriller

For mystery and thriller film fans, numerous games offer intricate plots and mind-bending puzzles. Titles like L.A. Noire and Her Story put players in the role of investigators, unraveling complex cases and uncovering hidden truths. These games often feature deep narratives and require players to think critically and piece together clues, providing a satisfying experience akin to solving a mystery in a film.

Visual novels

Visual novels are a unique genre that combines narrative storytelling with interactive gameplay. These games often resemble graphic novels or anime, strongly emphasising story and character development. Doki Doki Literature Club and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney are popular examples that offer engaging narratives and interactive elements. Visual novels are perfect for movie lovers who appreciate a good story and want to engage with it on a deeper level.

By Mariano Garcia - 10-07-2024

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