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The Top 5 dirtiest James Bond casino moments

Our writer Paola Christensen looks at half a century of James Bond movies and unearths some of the luckiest and most unbelievable casino moments exclusively for you!

James Bond, the iconic British secret agent created by Ian Fleming, is renowned for his espionage skills, suave demeanour and uncanny luck at the casino tables. Throughout the Bond films, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to outwit opponents and come out on top in high-stakes gambling scenarios. Here, we look at some of James Bond’s top lucky casino moments that have become legendary in cinema.

These moments are listed in chronological order:


1. Dr. No (1962, Terence Young) – The Introduction of Bond, James Bond

In Dr. No, the first on-screen appearance of James Bond has him playing a high-stakes game of baccarat at the Le Cercle casino in London. Highly self-confident, Bond is never dressed in anything but a properly fitted tuxedo, playing this game with the beautiful Sylvia Trench. His expertise and calm demeanour bring him victory over the game as he says the now legendary “Bond, James Bond” for the very first time. This scene created his prowess with gambling and set a tone for his character of being sophisticated and charming.


2. Thunderball (1965, Terence Young) – Beating Largo at Baccarat:

In Thunderball, Bond finds himself in the Bahamas, where he takes on Emilio Largo, a high-ranking SPECTRE member, in a baccarat game. The tension is palpable as the stakes rise, but Bond remains unflappable. His relaxed attitude and strategic play ultimately led to his victory, winning a substantial amount of money. This moment underscores Bond’s ability to maintain his composure under pressure and highlights his tactical brilliance.


3. Diamonds Are Forever (1971, Guy Hamilton) – Winning at Craps:

In Diamonds Are Forever, Bond heads to Las Vegas, where he takes on a different challenge at the craps table. Playing at the Whyte House casino, Bond lays down a big bet, and, with his customary suave, he draws the attention of the casino’s onlookers. However, being the unpredictable game that craps is, Bond’s luck holds out, and he rakes in a small fortune. This scene shows how he can quickly adapt to other gambling environments.


4. License to Kill (1989, John Glen) – The Blackjack Triumph:

In License to Kill, Bond’s luck and skill are fully displayed during a blackjack game at the Isthmus City casino. He coolly places a substantial bet, and as the cards are dealt, it becomes clear that luck is on his side. Bond walks away from that blackjack game after winning and keeping the cash. This was a typical smart move by the man, never even being tempted to ride his luck and play any of the popular slots games. This scene exemplifies Bond’s disciplined approach and ability to walk away immediately.


5. Skyfall (2012, Sam Mendes) – The Dragon Poker Game:

In Skyfall, Bond’s gambling prowess is tested in Macau at the Golden Dragon Casino (pictured at the top of this article). He engages in a high-stakes poker game, showcasing his adeptness at reading his opponents and making calculated moves. The luxurious setting and Bond’s confident play culminate in another victory, reinforcing his status as a master gambler who can easily navigate the most challenging situations.


The casino scenes throughout the James Bond series have provided thrilling moments that highlight Bond’s intelligence, composure, and undeniable luck. Whether it’s baccarat, craps, poker, or blackjack, James Bond’s top lucky casino moments continue to captivate audiences, proving that in the world of 007, fortune always favours the bold.

By Paola Christensen - 05-06-2024

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