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The Florida Project

The "humanist" director of the dirty masterpiece Tangerine has come up with a film about childhood, but will he retain his subversive streak? Watch the film trailer here and find out!

The ultra-dirty Tangerine (2015) is one of our favourite Christmas movies of all times. It is a twisted fable of love and solidarity set in the outskirts of Los Angeles, and starred by transsexuals, hookers and immigrants. One of the most touching tributes to the marginalised people of Hollywood you will ever see. And also hilarious. Plus filmed with an iPhone.

The 46-year-old American filmmaker Sean Baker is now back, and his latest movie once again takes place in the outskirts of a very mainstream place. He has moved across the US from California to Florida. From the vicinity’s of cinema’s dream world of Hollywood to the dingy hotels of Orlando, just outside Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The director once again wants to portray the life of the outsiders living a stone’s throw from “the dream”, it seems.

The trailer of new movie, which features William Dafoe, markets it as “a movie destined to be remembered as one of the greatest films about childhood ever” and “a loving look at the innocence of childhood”. Sean will attempt to reconcile social exclusion with tenderness, with a funny and subversive streak. A puerile and yet critical look at American society. The child actors look very realistic, as do the settings. The judgmental look at those who haven’t experienced adult life yet feels like a gauge of American values. Likely another masterpiece, we would hazard a guess.

The Florida Project will premiere in the UK during the 61st BFI London Film Festival, which is taking place this October in the British capital. Stay tuned for our exclusive review, which will follow very soon.

By DMovies' team - 22-09-2017

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